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(wild eyed peoploid)
09/21/03 08:46 PM
re: motorcycle poster new  

Does anyone remember a poster of bowie on a motorcycle, leaning over the front of it, covering the headlight with his hand? I had that in my room once. Anyone know where I can get one? He is wearing goggles and a whitish silk jacket and leather driving gloves. It looks Low era.

(mortal with potential)
09/28/03 08:30 PM
Re: re: motorcycle poster [re: dejah-thoris]  

Is it this one, lovely photo

09/28/03 08:33 PM
Me want new [re: bowie_idol]  

Oh, I bet they don't make posters like that anymore. I bet there is no way in hell I can get one in any on-line store is there?


'You'll be shooting up on anything,tomorrows never there...'

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