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Dan Dare
(wild eyed peoploid)
10/07/03 11:20 AM
Re: Is this real? new [re: Sally]  

What's interesting to me is that it looks like a really cheap mic.

Like father, like son: One Term Only!

10/07/03 03:20 PM
Re: Is this real? new [re: Sally]  

I could imagine...

On a better day, I'll take you by the hand
And I'll walk you through the doors...

(electric tomato)
10/07/03 08:03 PM
Re: Is this real? [re: isabelleguns]  

Why the fuck would someone want a signature anyway, just think of how stupid it is! Okay, the only way you actually know that it is a famous person's signature is if you, yourself got it in their presence ! I met Billy Idol outside in the backstage area, got his autograph but do you think if I tried to sell it someone would buy it? No,why because there is no way of proving it. Really in the long run, if you run into a celebrity a picture is worth 10000 signatures ! I really never understood the whole selling signature thing unless you actually got it yourself.


Well if it's hers, then it must be mine. It's a ripoff...

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