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(electric tomato)
10/12/03 00:36 AM
Can we try PMING PLEASE new [re: RealThing]  

Anyway what the hell, this is just taking up space.


There's never gonna be enough drugs,so I'm never ever gonna get high and I'm never ever gonna get low

(grinning soul)
10/12/03 05:07 AM
Re: SHILA BHIMJI..U ARE LYING new [re: chrissy1]  

You just e-mailed me Chrissy telling me that it came back returned to sender which happens in the post office so I will give the benefit of the doubt. I was trying to get the CD's out to you ASAp so the two same disks for DM was a mistake yes but I would expect the same respect and promptness in my trade considering that on a busy school and work scheduled, I busted my ass to get those out to you in a timely fashion and if you were so swamped with trades, how come you couldn't just simply say, "I have a lot of trades to get through, this may take time?" You know very well why I jumped to the conclusions that I did, you know that I have been looking for this show 3 times now and got ripped off three times on the same show from dead beat bidders. You also know that my hate page and whatever else is on my webpage has nothing to do with the trading situation that is going on right now. I think you're just looking for something to amuse yourself and throw back at me. You couldn't even read the disclaimer on the hate page so I don't expect you to comprehend anything that I have written or said here and in e-mails. I am not made anymore and I will not retract my comments at the moment, as stated in e-mails until my MD's come in the mail.

I have said it twice and I have said it once in e-mail. When the MD's come in the mail, I will make a public apology to you and everyone else on TWL for taking up space by creating the thread that I did.

Good day.

(electric tomato)
10/12/03 07:48 AM
Re: I THINK I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF ON A BOWIE TRADE new [re: isabelleguns]  

Oh, so you and NoControl are an item...

That explains why he bit my head off when I mentioned your unsettling appearance in your avatar in an earlier thread.

Each to his own.

Miss Anders... I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

(mortal with potential)
10/16/03 10:01 AM
HAPPY PEOPLE new [re: isabelleguns]  

hi chrissy here :)

1). u agreed to our trade.
2). send me a package in the mail with a nice note saying u are "grateful for the trade"
3). the coming days u go online on TWL announcing to the world uve been ripped off.
4) confusion ensues. which is it ?

7 people have recieved the bowie vancouver 97 and they are happy people.
i can only hope u like the show too if u can only take the time to stop criticizing and hating your old friends and me on the internet. please try not to hold a grudge on people and impulsively react by way of fiery emotions and BLOW UP on the internet. ure health and relations with the world around u depends on it. u have a a good future if u can only keep ure emotions in under control. this is just my advice.but im sure in ure next email youll ask me to go f_uck off again right?
u take care shila.


(grinning soul)
10/16/03 10:12 PM
Re: HAPPY PEOPLE new [re: chrissy1]  

That note and package was sent out way before this shit happened. Check the Post Office processing stamp on the envelope where the stamps are, it usually says the posting date and then compared it to the time and date of when this thread was started. You will notice the significant time difference meaning I sent the package out two days after our first e-mail of agreement and I was greatful of the effort at the time the package was sent out hoping that mine would be coming soon. It takes 2 - 3 days at the most from CND city to CND city...you do the math..nice try trying to pin crap on me...better luck next time.

(wild eyed peoploid)
10/19/03 06:55 PM
wow new [re: isabelleguns]  

unreal.....how old are you all?....

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