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(mortal with potential)
01/14/04 04:10 PM
unknown songs ?  

I found a few songs of bowie but i don't know on which album they belong.
You're better off--The devil's adress--they sound like hunky dory-------We all go through--Lost highway--trying to get to heaven.
Anybody or did i miss a lot lately?

01/14/04 08:28 PM
Re: unknown songs ? new [re: herfrabofi]  

I'm not the best authority in this, because my grasp of Bowie song trivia is very fuzzy.

But I recall that The Devil's Address is not really a Bowie song at all, just a fraud that pops up every now and then.
And although I'm Deranged appears on the Lost Highway soundtrack, I've never heard of a song called Lost Highway, and would hazard a guess that there really isn't one. Either it's some other track with a wrong name, or another fraud.

Oh, and..
We All Go Through is an Hours bonus track.
Trying To Get To Heaven is apparently an unreleased Dylan cover that circulates on bootlegs.

A lot of this kind of info is to be found in, for example, the TW lyrics section which lists appearances and trivia for most known Bowie songs.

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(thunder ocean)
01/18/04 09:54 AM
Re: unknown songs ? new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

I have never heard of You're Better Off, but if it is the alledged Hunky Dory outtake (going around simply as Hunky Dory outtake) that I presume it is then it's a fake.

As Sugar said, The Devil's Adress is a fake.

All she said about Lost Highway is also true. The soundtrack of the movie includes two interesting edits/mixes of I'm Deranged, though.

Trying To Get To Heaven was recorded in 1998 along with Fun (those were reportedly the only songs vut in those particular sessions).

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(stardust savant)
01/19/04 00:27 AM
You're Better Off? new [re: Sysiyo]  

You're Better Off may be the song discussed in this thread. If that is it, then it is not a Bowie song. Sure sounds like him, though!

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(stardust savant)
01/21/04 10:42 AM
Now I am better off new [re: strangeDivine]  

So... the eternal mystery was finally resolved when I was on holiday last summer. The "Hunky dory outtake" was made by a group called Marizane! That thread should be stuck to the top of the NVQ forum.

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