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01/25/04 05:39 PM
REPOST: Vancouver Recording and Who was that Girl?  

I was asked via Private message to add this message to this area of the forum.

REPOST: Sorry earlier i said I was ignoring you because you werent cute...that was a typo!! you were cute...what an ass I am!

So i got an incredible recording of last night's show in Vancouver. Excellent seats for recording, you all will be happy to hear it im sure! So please dont email me asking for trades, but If you are interested in hosting this recording on a web/FTP for the users here, or if interested in running a vine/tree email me. If you dont know what these are, than you arent who im lookin for. I will offer up the recording later to the group, but first let me know if you want to host or vine. Any Private messages i recieve I will read, but not reply to right away so please dont think im ignoring you!

Secondly, who are you? The blond girl in the 11th row Seat 46 or so Vancouver last night with her friend. I was the guy in front of you that you kept trying to get me to dance, and pulled my hand out of my pocket (where my recorder was!!!). Sorry babe, I was recording so i was ignoring you ....but it wasnt cause you werent cute! (cause you were!) Well email me back if you find this.... Well thanks all, enjoy the tour!

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