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(mortal with potential)
01/26/04 05:23 PM
The Northwest Bowie Trading Tree new  

Welcome the “Northwest Bowie Tree”

Since there is a demand for live Bowie shows, and I hold the masters for two recent Northwest shows, I thought I would offer up the shows to the Teenage Wildlife group. I requested from the group access to a Web or FTP server, which nobody seems to have (I do, but not the bandwidth to support the whole group). I am very interested in making this a REALITY!
In order to do this I have decided to start what is known as a trading tree. A tree is where someone begins by ‘seeding’ the tree. This means someone went to the show and recorded and is now looking to freely distribute. Next the seed sends copies of their recordings to about 10 ‘branches’. The branches are people who are willing to do a little work by copying the CD’s for up to 5 people, who are known as ‘leaves’. This way 50 people can get copies of these shows without relying on one person, the seed, to do all the work, and it tends to happen much quicker. The seed and the branches will trade somehow, and the branches and leaves will also trade. So what this means is, if you are a leaf, you will send your branch some blank CD’s and return postage, and they in turn will send back copies of the shows. So that’s the basics, there are links at the bottom that contain more information if you are interested.

First I have a very Important Questions:
Do you understand that profiting off of live CD’s (or bootlegs in some people’s eyes) is ripping off the band, not merely just the act of taping? I ask this because it is imperative that no money changes hands for any music recorded live. Bowie has been to gracious over the decades to his fans for us to rip him off. If you understand this please continue….

In order to setup a TREE I must get the following information from each of you, and please send to this address northwestbowietree@yahoo.com. I will gather up all of your requests and process a plan over the next few weeks.

What’s your name?
Where do you live: City and Country? (Real addresses will come later)
Do you have access to a CD burner?
Are you willing to make copies for up to five other people, FREELY!?
Do you know how to FTP?
Do you know what a B&P trade is (Blanks and Postage)?
Are you willing to do your part in a few weeks or less?

If anyone thinks I have forgotten anything let me know. All related questions or input should be sent to northwestbowietree@yahoo.com, not through TW.

Here is a good description of vines and some FAQ’s

And here is a decent description of a TREE, which I believe is what we would do here on TW… http://flaminglips.netfirms.com/trees.htm

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(stealing for that one good rush)
01/26/04 11:18 PM
Re: The Northwest Bowie Trading Tree new [re: Basshead02]  

There's a good ftp server that's been used a lot recently on BowieAudio at xdrive.com. I beleive there's a small fee, but downloads are fast and there's quite a bit of space. You could easily do one show at a time. I think it would be better and more economical to do that instead of a tree.

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(mortal with potential)
01/27/04 09:44 AM
Well, hmmm new [re: Basshead02]  

Considering the early responses that came through, a Tree was more effective as many people dont have broadband to take advantage of Bit Torrent or FTP downlaods. As far as paying to host, I am a NEtwork engineer and could host it myself, but I feel the community should do some work to help each other out, and not rely on me to go pay 200 bux for tickets, record the show, and than do all the work to distribute it. Im not complaining really, i just record 3-4 shows per month, so my bandwidth is too limited (50GB transfers per month upload) to support the desires of everyone.

HOWEVER> Since the response has been so low since this announcement went out...I may decide to scrap the tree, and just arrange something individually. So far there have only been 5 people that have signed up for the tree. I will give it another week or so, than decide whats best for the group depending on their ability to distribute and recieve....

(mortal with potential)
01/27/04 01:28 PM
Re: Well, hmmm new [re: Basshead02]  

Wow 5 people is actually low. I thought that when I signed up that there would be more people. That is kinda sad though but it is human nature to take take and not work for anything. I thought that the tree was a good idea and as mentioned in an e-mail I have done it many times before. Just remember those people who didn't sign up for the tree so if they ask you for the show, you can decline them with cause. Actually we can have a mini tree going with 5 people but I can see how that would be a waste of time with just 5 people. However what if all of us were to send you blanks and postage so that way you do not have to fork out $$$ for the CD's and each person can use their desired brand of CD? This is just a suggestion, nothing more. I look foward to hearing the results *hop hop*

01/27/04 05:16 PM
xdrive new [re: dukewhite]  

In reply to:

downloads are fast

How fast for you? Most downloads for me are running under 100 kbps, where on bti I was averaging 391 kbps.

If you don't have anything nice to say, go to London and say it in front of 2000 people. NM.

(stealing for that one good rush)
01/27/04 05:54 PM
Re: xdrive new [re: Tristan]  

I'm getting a whole song in under a minute. It's as fast if not faster than bti, and for only a small fee, you get much more space. I like it better.

Also, this guy's email doesn't work. So there's no way I can get on this "tree." I guess I'll have to wait til someone can ftp them to me.

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(electric tomato)
01/27/04 07:20 PM
Sign me up! new [re: Basshead02]  

Hello, basshead02. Did you get my email signing up for the tree? I was having some computer problems (thankfully not that nasty "worm" thing) and want to verify you are aware of my interest.

I could supply blank CDs and pay postage, but lack the necessary contraptions to burn CDs.

Vancouver was my first Bowie show, and Seattle my second. For a million sentimental reasons, I would be eternally indebted to you if I could have copies of these recordings.


(absolute beginner )
01/27/04 11:29 PM
Re: Sign me up! new [re: zigbot]  

The yahoo address works fine, you just have to make sure you cut out the last e on treee@yahoo.com if you cut and paste

Was there any particular reason you were dressed up like a bunny Isabelle?

(mortal with potential)
01/27/04 11:40 PM
Re: Sign me up! [re: Nexus]  

The entire story about the suit is on Bowienet. :) I just don't feel comfortable relating the story in such a public forum. Bowienet is more secure so not everyone can see it, only paid members and for now, I kinda want it that way. It is a really sad story actually.

(mortal with potential)
01/28/04 03:53 PM
Re: The Northwest Bowie Trading Tree [re: Basshead02]  

Hi, all
I am in, much prefer non-mp3. Is this still on.

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