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(absolute beginner )
06/27/04 04:21 PM
Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new  

*delurks* Hi, I'm new here. I recently got a bunch of Bowie stuff from my aunt, who works in radio and thus gets a bunch of odd things. (usually just thing that are 'not for resale or limated editions)

She gave me a VHS that reads on the front (I also attached a picture of it):
Tin Machine '9 song compilation'
Compilation #248
Time 12:37 May 15 1989

It also says it's a duplicate and in hi-fi stereo sound. I was just wondering, is this rare at all? Is it worth anything?

(Edit) - I just finished watching the tape and it's basically filmed as one music video with the 9 songs being segued into each other. It's in a concert setting but I doubt it's live (it's not the actual songs either, though).

It starts out as the band playing at a concert (that's obviously not a real concert)
1. Pretty Thing (first verse and chorus)
Then people from the concert start storming the stage and attacking the band, etc.
2. Tin Machine (just until the 'baby doll part')
The lights go all blue and everyone that stormed up begins to slowly jump and flip off the stage.
3. Prisoner of Love (until 'like a sermin on blues guitar')
The screen turns black and white and the audience are all wearing head braces and are all placid and stoned.
4. Crack City (until 'corrupt with shaky visions')
The camera zooms in and all that's seen is the band standing close together.
5. Bus Stop (first two verses)
The camera zooms backs out and the audience begins to jumps up on the stage. A monkey also is up there.
6. Video Crime (first verse and chorus)
The monkey unplugs the lights and everything goes drak. Bowie pulls out a flashlight and shines it on his right palm as he sings. As the song goes on, the audience begins to mimic him.
7. I Can't Read (first two verses and chorus, sung as 'I can't read it', rather than 'I can't read shit'
The lights come on and the band is suddenly wearing suits and standing in front of a red curtain.
8. Working Class Hero (first and second verse)
The curtain comes down to reveal a bunch of cages with people huddled in them. As the song plays, people leap on the stage and fiddle with the cages
9. Under The God (whole song)

(I might have mucked up when the songs end, I'm not sure on a couple of them) Then it just ends, there's no intro or end note apart from a credit saying it's (c) to David Bowie.

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(cracked actor)
06/27/04 04:47 PM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: Reality]  

It would be the promo that was filmed to promote the album I would guess.
I wouldn't think there would be that many around now. Nice.

Believe everything I say,especially the lies.

tv eye
06/27/04 07:09 PM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: Reality]  

ugh i'd try popping into the vcr and seeing what '9 songs' it contains maybe perhaps ??!!

edit: i think it's the so-called tin machine medley (julien temple, 1989, NY). while not available officially, the video is fairly common (and was available to see for the general public in 2002 NY exhibition)

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(absolute beginner )
06/27/04 07:42 PM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: tv eye]  

Interesting, thanks for the info.

(the voyeur)
06/27/04 09:13 PM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: tv eye]  

It's the 13 minute TM "EPK" (electronic press kit)

The film itself is fairly common amongst non-commercial video collectors. It is much more valuable to DB promo item collectors - hardcore DB collectors, since it is TM....


(mortal with potential)
06/27/04 10:54 PM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? [re: Reality]  


(cracked actor)
06/28/04 00:53 AM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: TumbleTwirl]  

Question to Adam, When someone is a blatant alter ego, and bloody annoying to boot, can they be banned?

Believe everything I say,especially the lies.

(thunder ocean)
06/29/04 05:03 AM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: pablopicasso]  


In fact, they have been banned.

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(cracked actor)
06/29/04 06:16 AM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: Sysiyo]  


I was going to put "That's FANTASTIC!" but thought that would be sick. Glad that dickhead is gone though.

Believe everything I say,especially the lies.

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(crash course raver)
06/29/04 11:08 AM
Re: Tin Machine Compilation - Rare? new [re: Sysiyo]  

Funny, I actually PMed Adam about that yesterday. I guess now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Okay, I give up.

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