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(wild eyed peoploid)
09/25/04 05:52 AM
best quality reality boot?  

a few months back, brad went to the reality gig in milwauke and was so impressed he posted a request on this site for help in beefing up his bowie collection. i have been helping him out. this is our latest correspondence...

Hi Ulf,

Sure, we can trade a few more disks. A couple questions: did you ever
your hands on a copy of the Area2 gig from Chicago? Also, can you recommend the best-sounding audience
from the Reality tour? I've got a handful of very good recordings, but
looking for something that will blow me away (so I can give it to



so, what do you think? which reality tour boot will BLOW HIM AWAY?

these are the ones i have...

03/09/08&23-Reality Radio
03/09/18-One Night in London and More
03/09/18-26-Reality Check Vol.1
03/09/23&10/17&19-Reality Check Vol.3
03/09/22-25&10/17-Reality Live
03/10/07-Reality in mermaidland-2cd
03/10/07-Where Reality Began-2cd
03/10/12-Killer Star in Oslo-2cd
03/10/12- Oslo-VCD
03/10/15-Bring me the Rotterdam King-2cd
03/10/29-Jokes,Magic and Souveniers-2cd
03/11/03-The Hero is Back-3cd
03.11.10 Nice-2cd
03.11.14 Marseille-2cd
03.11.15 Lyon-2cd
03/11/23-The Longest Night From Reality-3cd
03/11/28-Last Call America-2cd
03.12.15 You crazy motherf**kers-2cd
03.12.16 Little secret-2cd
04.01.07 Cleveland-2cd
04.01.13 Loneliest in Chicago-2cd
04.01.14 Don’t talk while I sing-2cd
04.01.19 She’ll drive the big cow-2cd
04/01/16-Thank You David-2cd
04.01.25 Where’s my f**king shades?-2cd
04.02.02 My reality-2cd
04/04/13-Out of the Garden Baby!(Portland + bonus)-2cd
04/04/22-Los Angeles-2cd*
04.05.19 Milwauke-2cd
2004.05.24-Reality Tour Columbus (Veterns Memorial, Columbus, OH)-2cd
2004.05.29-Borgata Kill Appeal Vol.1 (Atalntic City -1st night) –2cd

i gave him the milwauke gig already. i need to get my hands on the area 2 gig for him because he attended that show as well.

anyone able to help me out?

welcome to reality

(stardust savant)
09/25/04 06:01 AM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: ulfdub]  

Atlanta is a good show and good quality, I really like Holmdel though, have you not got that one?

More music, less bodily fluids.

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/25/04 06:20 AM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: pablopicasso]  

i have part of holmdel...
i spent days downloading shorten files only to be disconnected from the torrent with something like a 97% completion rate. (56K MODEM).
I really would like a copy of that boot as well.
i've decided not to download anymore shorten files until i upgrade to cable or dsl.

little liza jane

(cracked actor)
09/26/04 07:10 PM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: ulfdub]  

In part because I was there, I love the Holmdel boot.

Other good ones are the first night in Atlantic City (wasn't that the one her performed The Bewlay Brothers at?), and the Austin Texas gig (lots of fun audience banter and repeated gags about bats--so makes a great boot for Halloween season or for bat enthusiasts like me).


(wild eyed peoploid)
09/27/04 04:43 AM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: zigbot]  

i found out he has both nights in atlantic city, as well as denver. i do not have texas, atlanta or holmdel. any other suggestions?

don't sit down

(crash course raver)
09/29/04 09:19 AM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: ulfdub]  

BUFFALO soundboard recording is the best one. Just perfect.


(crash course raver)
09/29/04 04:15 PM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: kisch]  

buffalo soundbaord is mainly ok but some of the tracks are absolutely terrible as the dreadful tuneless backing vocals drown out Bowie.

(absolute beginner )
10/01/04 04:11 AM
Re: best quality reality boot? new [re: ulfdub]  

Manchester (17/11/03), Birmingham (19/11/03) and London (25/11/03) are great, Birmingham (20/11/03) is outstanding. Austin (27/4/04), Kansas (10/05/04) and Atlantic City (30/05/04) are good too - the US ones have slightly shorter setlists but a no. of songs not performed in Europe (STS, D Dogs, Bewlay Bros, Quicksand etc)

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