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01/13/05 02:27 AM
Perth gig 01/03/04  

Hi .Haven't posted for ages, so most will not know me. However I'd like to ask if anyone has a recording of Bowie's gig in Perth last year on March the 1st. It was the best of the 6 shows of his I've seen over the years and I'd dearly love to get a recording of this show. I do have various recordings I could use to trade with. So if anyone has this show I'd love to hear from you. If I haven't anything of interest to trade with I'm sure an arrangement can be made of some sort....


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01/30/05 07:12 PM
Re: Perth gig 01/03/04 new [re: daxem]  

I meant to respond to this earlier. I've got the gig you're after. The levels should be tweaked, but it's a pretty clear audience recording. Encoded as 320kbps mp3s. Let me know, if you're still around.

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02/01/05 09:10 AM
Re: Perth gig 01/03/04 new [re: Ruskie]  

Hi Ruski. Hey that would be great if I could get my hands on the recording. It's not just for my benifit either but also for a woman I work with who came to the gig with me. She's 50 and is from Manchester - she saw Bowie 4 times during the Ziggy era and was blown away by the Perth gig. we still talk about it now. I used to collect Bowie recordings in the eighties during the era of tape trading. Don't have much of it left now though but I could have something you might be interested in. In anycase we could perhaps come to some kind of arrangemnet even if it amounts to Bowie fans helping each other out...

Let me know and thanks for replying...

"Keep it under your best friend's arm..."

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