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03/14/05 07:42 PM
~Rare Signed Alomar poster for Sale new  


The poster that I'm selling was given to me by a former acquaintance David Bowie guitarist, co-writer of 'Fame' (and others) Carlos Alomar.

I was given the poster during my time as Carlos Alomar's webmaster. Some of you have seen the poster in my home. It is a poster he signed to me and sent by mail. It is a poster from his solo album Dream Generator.

It is signed: To my webmaster Bladz. Love Ya Carlos Alomar.

When I talked to him about it Carlos said that the poster was one of only eight.
He said he had stopped the production of the posters to have more money towards rehearsal or touring (something like that sorry if I'm a little sketchy on the exact details.)

The poster is a large replica of his solo albums album cover. I don't have a digital camera with me right now - my friend has it - sorry about that.

I will include the us shipping box Carlos signed and addressed when he sent me the poster and I will include 8 photos I took of Carlos during the time I associated with him.

If I can get at least $350.00 I will include an original Dream Generater CD and another 25 photos that I took during the time I associated with him.

If the bid goes over $450.00 I will include, the signed us shipping post box, signed poster, 40 photos, Dream Generator CD, 4 different good condition, good quality black & white PR photos he sent me, 1 signed black & white photo I kept from the Meet & Greet session in 2002 - the photo is of Alomar & Bowie during the 83' Bowie Tour. The photo was Carlos' practice sheet (testing the pen during the signing) so it has some of his little scribbles and his signature a few times here and there.

And I will include a few Bowie bootlegs Carlos is on:
(2 CD set) The Serious Moonlight Tour
(2 CD set) Glass Spider Tour Rehearsals
(1 CD): The Thin White Duke Tour
Rare (2 CD SET): 1974 - one of Alomar's first live shows with Bowie
(2 cd set): The Serious Moonlight Tour Rehearsals
1 CD titled: Glamour To Ashes: this CD bootleg includes rough tracks and never released tracks from the Scary Monsters album.
(1 CD): Hallo Spaceboy 95' 96' boot great version of Look Back In Anger

If you are interested in this poster, photos or CD's you may contact me on the MB or Send me a Private message through the board.

I want to sell of this stuff before I move.
I don't want to carry around the memories from that time in my life anymore. Not that is was a bad time - I just have other things going on and don't need the excess stuff.
My move is your gain :)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take Care - Heather

Edited by Bladz on 03/16/05 03:13 PM (server time).

03/15/05 04:16 PM
Re: ~Rare Signed Alomar poster for Sale new [re: Bladz]  

Wow - what a selcetion of great Alomar stuff!

Someone will snap this up I'm sure...


"I've re-invented my image so many times that I'm in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman." - David Bowie

(thunder ocean)
03/16/05 04:12 AM
Glamour new [re: Bladz]  

In reply to:

Rare Bootleg CD titled: Glamour To Ashes: this CD bootleg includes rough tracks and never released tracks from the Scary Monsters album.

It wouldn't happend to be the same bootleg known as Vampires of Human Flesh, Glamour, Glamour 1980 and Mosters To Ashes? Which, although rather good, is also one of the most common bootlegs in my experience.

Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

03/16/05 06:00 AM
Re: Glamour new [re: Sysiyo]  

I don't know. I've never heard those bootlegs.
The person I got this bootleg from said it was very hard to come by so I wouldn't think so...but I could be wrong?

When I brought a copy of that CD for Carlos to listen to during lunch his eyes got wide and he'd said it was the first he'd heard of it since doing whatever tracks he'd done at that time.
I used to bring Carlos bootlegs when we'd meet up because alot of his boots are old recordings from rehearsals, soundchecks, etc. and are on old, crusty cassettes or gone. So I'd bring him CD copies whenever I found something he was on.
When I gave him the 1974 cd set he made me play it while we worked on the site. He kepting pointing out that it was his wife - Robin Clark and Luther Vandrosses first big tour. I think the 1974 bootleg was recorded during the 4th night of the second half of the Diamond Dogs tour. I've heard some people refer to it as Philly Dogs.

I don't know any of the track titles from Glamour To Ashes I only remember hearing up the hill backwards.

If you find out anything on your own please let me know and I will try to correct my post.

Take Care.

(thunder ocean)
03/16/05 06:38 AM
Not usre if this of any help... [re: Bladz]  

A tracklisting would aid in identifying the bootleg, but I'd presume it's the same as those other four... here are tracklistings and info for those:

Vampires of Human Flesh
Glamour 1980 (and Glamour without 1980)
Monsters To Ashes

As you can see there are soma variations to the tracklistings, but the 'beef' of each disc is the same, the early takes of various Scary Monsters tracks. On the sleeve of Monsters To Ashes various tracks are given different titles (as supposedly 'early titles'), but thispite these they are in fact the same tracks as on the other discs.

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(the voyeur)
03/16/05 07:11 AM
Re: Glamour new [re: Bladz]  

Carlos is married to Robin Clark? Never knew that!!

Now it makes more sense to why they are both in the A&E Biography, albiet seperate interviews.


03/16/05 03:15 PM
Re: Not usre if this of any help... new [re: Sysiyo]  

Thanks for the information.

I didn't check the track listings but I figure a long time Bowie fan would know better then I would so I edited it.

Take Care.

(thunder ocean)
03/16/05 04:00 PM
Re: Not usre if this of any help... new [re: Bladz]  

Glad to have been of assistance.

Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

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