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(crash course raver)
06/20/05 05:07 PM
misc Bowie stuff for sale new  

My Bowie collection has started to take over my apartment so I am selling some of it. I posted the following items on ebay but they got no bids, I was hoping there might be some interest in them here. Click on the item description to see it and email your offers to motoko97@mail.utexas.edu. I will ship internationally, best offer wins the item.

a huge poster of Bowie from the Young Americans period

a green metal street sign with David Bowie Blvd. written in white letters

a lot of 3 David Bowie LPs - Changesone, Tonight and Lodger

first date...zips are good
'course I only got this that goes with 'em

(mortal with potential)
06/23/05 11:18 AM
Re: misc Bowie stuff for sale [re: artist_in_a_tunnel]  

some of these have already ended weeks ago!

Chrissy Chris

(electric tomato)
06/23/05 11:42 AM
Re: misc Bowie stuff for sale new [re: bemywife]  

That is what he said, they didn't sell, so he wants people to email him, if they're interested.

You should not underestimate people, not everybody is as thick as you.

06/23/05 03:41 PM
Re: misc Bowie stuff for sale new [re: artist_in_a_tunnel]  

In reply to:

a huge poster of Bowie from the Young Americans period

Now that I do like very much, I have a smaller 10x8 glossy B/W photograph of the full picture complete with flag background.

I might be interested? If the price&shipping wasn't too steep.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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