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(crash course raver)
10/06/05 01:12 PM
RCA CD's new  

Anyone know what sort of prices these fetch?

I've seen Fame & Fashion and Station To Station in a second hand store. Station To Station would be nice as it has the original black and white cover.

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10/06/05 01:34 PM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: Nature_Boy]  

In reply to:

Anyone know what sort of prices these fetch?

I bought mine off eBay for these prices...

S2S original B/W cover and best cover IMO for about £15.00 ( I was lucky with that one ) Fame and Fashion cost me about £17.00, I do have quite a lot of the RCA CDs now, my prize posession being the original Japanese RCA pressing of Young Americans in absolutely pristine condition complete with wording in Japenese on the spine and booklet inside, I did pay considerably more for that because it's my favourite Bowie album ever!

Best thing to do is look for sellers who say "only ships in america" email them and ask them if they would ship to the UK? most will for a meagre sum on top of the postage, many eBayers think because it states "ships to USA only" they stand no chance, but I won mine that way.

Maartan ( hope that's spelt correctly ) can show you a site where I bought my CHANGESTWOBOWIE RCA CD for a very good price, be best to PM him.

Good luck Scott in hunting out these wonderful RCA CDs and don't be fooled by people telling you the sound is duff, coz it ain't

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(electric tomato)
10/07/05 04:37 AM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: diamondogz74]  

my favorite subject!

Agreed! the original CDs sound lovely and warm.

10/13/05 08:23 AM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: Nature_Boy]  

If you're lucky, you can find them in second-hand CD stores whose proprietor/s don't know or care about how expensive these can get. For instance, I've seen Aladdin Sane for $11 and bought Lodger for $15 (both Australian).

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(wild eyed peoploid)
10/13/05 10:21 AM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: Nature_Boy]  

I picked up the German RCA pressing of Heroes for the equivalent of £3 when I lived there. It has the RCA logo snipped of the top corner of the booklet but apart from that it's pristine.

(absolute beginner )
10/26/05 03:51 PM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: russellmael]  

What's wrong with the RykoDisc releases or EMI '99 remasters?

(electric tomato)
10/27/05 06:24 AM
Re: RCA CD's [re: XAVeRY]  

Nothing is *wrong* with them... It's just on balance I feel the original CDs have a sound closer to the original releases (mastered using the same tapes etc). In some cases, there are errors in the remastering on the Ryko and Emi '99 issues (stereo panning, bits missing, levels incorrect) that make IMO the RCA CD's better.

And I kind of prefer the minimal packaging too.

11/08/05 09:37 PM
Re: RCA CD's new [re: Nature_Boy]  

. . . And just today, I bagged me a copy of Golden Years for the low, low, low, low, low, low price of AUS$3 — that's probably about £1. In pretty good nick, too. And this was at Utopia in Sydney; not exactly a Red Cross shop by any means.

‘‘And I say, ‘What’s the matter with my psychopathic sex?’ ’’
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(grinning soul)
11/10/05 08:16 AM
Re: RCA CD's *DELETED* new [re: Nature_Boy]  

Nachricht gelöscht durch EJSunday

(you will pay mr jones)
11/10/05 11:20 PM
Can You Feel Me new [re: munkeyboy]  

[shocked] what Album is that,? from pleaze. [wank]


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