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(mortal with potential)
12/29/05 04:35 PM
Some Bowie posters for you...  

I have three Bowie posters to get rid of. I have one of those Heathen double sided posters, the one that's kind of thick...I know there are a ton of those posters all over so I think I might just give that one away to whoever wants to pay postage for it.
I have one of those smaller size 1.outside posters where Bowie's sitting down with his funny shoes and his black nail polish...
and I have this very strange poster that is marked 1982 which has Bowie sitting down and there is this weird inset in the corner of Bowie standing next to the scary monsters clown....it's a little confusing.
Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know, I don't know really how much to sell the last two for-maybe $8 or something.
e-mail me for pictures, since I triedto put pictures on here and it took forever and then didn't work since my computer is dumb.

(mortal with potential)
12/31/05 11:24 AM
Re: Some Bowie posters for you... new [re: PaisleyPinUp]  

ok the 1.outside poster is gone, but I've still got the other two...

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