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Black Prism
(cracked actor)
07/12/06 02:13 PM
GEN-U-INE Pablo Nasal Hair For Sale new  


I've recently come into a tuft of Pablo's nose hair* which was donated by a goodly sheep from the Llangollan region. It's been dated tentatively c.1977 and is in very good condition.

Please PM for further details (sensible offers only).


[neon]I'm not trolling; I'm moderating. [/neon]

07/12/06 02:18 PM
Re: GEN-U-INE Pablo Nasal Hair For Sale new [re: Black Prism]  

Stupid cunt!

Black Prism
(cracked actor)
07/12/06 02:22 PM
frowny new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

In reply to:

Stupid cunt!

On-topic responses only please. Your comment has greatly devalued everybody's entertainment to be had in this thread.

[neon]I'm not trolling; I'm moderating. [/neon]

07/12/06 02:28 PM
Re: frowny new [re: Black Prism]  


07/12/06 02:57 PM
It has to be said: new [re: Black Prism]  

Black Prism, you're an ass.

"Vasectomy is your friend." - RabbitFighter

07/12/06 03:25 PM
Calm down young grasshopper! new [re: schizophrenic]  

What's the problem then?

stop smiling at me
treat me unpleasantly

07/12/06 03:33 PM
Re: Calm down young grasshopper! new [re: RabbitFighter]  

I was wondering exactly the same thing.

On the subject of Grasshoppers, what do you think of this little ditty by the late, great Ivor Cutler?

The man was out there on his own

(crash course raver)
07/12/06 03:38 PM
Re: GEN-U-INE Pablo Nasal Hair For Sale new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

I don't see what the problem is. It's not even that clever.


Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis.

Is this haunted room actually stretching?

07/12/06 03:45 PM
Re: GEN-U-INE Pablo Nasal Hair For Sale new [re: Bamboo7]  

Exactly, it isn't clever, funny, nor interesting, and he comes back five weeks after his last uninteresting foray to post this and a another equally uninteresting post elsewhere. There was a time that Prissy could at least insult with style and wit, sadly his time away from here has dimmed his wit somewhat. I think he is down to the state of halfwit at this time. It can only get worse.

I thought Strawman was predictably unfunny using the same joke for the last three years against me, but now it seems that his chum has gone as unfunny and boring as the ginger twit from Norfolk.

Two illuminaries now a shadow of their former selves.

Black Prism
(cracked actor)
07/12/06 04:00 PM
The Royal Wave [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Ivor Cutler

Yeah, superb. I've only gotten into his stuff since I heard the tributes pour in after his death - Life in a Scotch Sitting Room (vol 2) and Dandruff are terrific - the best 'comedy' records I've heard.

Knocks bells out of that Zappa crap, eh, Schmitzo?

In reply to:

Pablum whining

Yeah, two posts in a month are difficult to ignore, aren't they? I would normally chide myself for so hastily attributing your little outburst to a persecution complex if you weren't so utterly void of ideas, humour, and anything remotely resembling a life outside of your PabloWankerWorld site and wiping your mother's bottom each time she craps on the carpet, but we can't all be that great, huh?

[neon]I'm not trolling; I'm moderating. [/neon]

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