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(two inch thoughts)
02/01/07 03:47 PM
Thats me on ebay!! (shamless plug)  

selling my Fame and Fashion CD...

sorry this should be under Collectors Corner

oh get bidding

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(cracked actor)
02/05/07 10:21 AM
Re: Thats me on ebay!! (shamless plug) new [re: sonofsilence]  

Good luck with it - i was made up as i managed to get F&F for 28 quid at a local record shop's closing down sale. A bargain methinks! It clearly pained the shop assistant who said that they used to sell it for 65.

Its about time I had a signature

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(cracked actor)
06/04/07 11:37 AM
Re: Thats me on ebay!! (shamless plug) new [re: Nature_Boy]  

I think I picked up my copy for under 5 from somewhere, I was very happy :-D

"The sex is in the rhythm"

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