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(mortal with potential)
03/24/07 04:19 AM
1990/1991 EMI Issues for sale  

Ok guys and gals, I realise that this sorta thing is often frowned upon in forums (I dont know why).

I have all the emi releases on cd (with bonus tracks) fro sale, I'm looking to buy a pretty Canon EOS 400 camera and have got everything on my ipod and am collecting (bloody slowly Mr B) the albms again aas they come out in 5.1.

If anyones interested, drop me a line

(two inch thoughts)
03/24/07 07:45 PM
Re: 1990/1991 EMI Issues for sale new [re: jabwylie]  

why not just leave it 6 months when the prices come down. That way you won't have to sacrifice your collection. Or alternatively get the 350.

my site - updated Jan 07

(band intro)
07/21/07 05:12 AM
Re: 1990/1991 EMI Issues for sale new [re: jabwylie]  

In reply to:

fro sale


Stu has a crush on me.

(cracked actor)
07/21/07 08:12 AM
Re: 1990/1991 EMI Issues for sale new [re: Monkeyboy]  


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