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(the voyeur)
11/17/07 00:15 AM
Bowie albums on cassette  

What was the last album released on this format.

I found a copy of Hours and just wondered if it may be slightly sought after if it were rare. I wouldn't think Heathen or Reality or any other rock album from a major label were needed on the format.


(cricket menace)
11/17/07 00:32 AM
Re: Bowie albums on cassette new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

On a similar note, I have pretty much all the RYKO cassettes with bonus tracks. I wonder if they're worth anything.



(cracked actor)
11/17/07 09:08 AM
Re: Bowie albums on cassette new [re: Adam]  

my favorite subject! The Rkyo cassettes - not worth much at all. Most record fairs have them for pennies, sadly much like the CDs. It only seems to be the Ryko double vinyls that have kept or improved their valve. But it's the cassettes (the EMI versions at least) which hold the best memories for me :o)

I have Heathen on cassette... I would be amazed if Reality was issued on that format.

(electric tomato)
11/29/07 06:25 AM
Re: Bowie albums on cassette new [re: russellmael]  

Also have Heathen on cassette... the beauty is in the mixing and matching of the running orders on the original cassettes. I have a (UK I think) version of Diamond Dogs that opens with Big Brother/Chant of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family on Side 2 and ends with Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing and Rebel Rebel.

God have mercy, you're a hopeless guitar player! You even make ME feel better you son of a bitch!

12/10/07 06:30 AM
Re: Bowie albums on cassette new [re: Forgotten_Boy]  

The last two bought cassettes I have are Never Let Me Down and Tin Machine. Still sound better than anything I spent hours meticulously taping....

(My car still has a cassette player which is great for playing old stuff).

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