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Email AlysonSane@teenagewildlife.com 
Name Brittany 
Title electric tomato 
Total Posts 480 
Occupation slacker . . . erm, I mean, student 
Hobbies I'm a singer and an artiste (not so surprisingly, I do a lot of David Bowie sketches). I'm also an oboist, clarinetist, and pianist. 
Location I've been living in your trunk; Yes, that's what the smell is. 
Bio My first exposure to David was Labyrinth, upon which I grew up. I sat listening to the soundtrack as my dad shook his head and chucked me his changes cd. “Listen to this instead.” I was hooked from the first note of Space Oddity. Thanks Dad.  
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Registered on06/01/03 05:15 PM 
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