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Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
06/20/01 02:19 AM
Splitting Headache--Get Me Off the Streets! [re: Kristin Machina]  

3 A.M....

Zero flew over Manhattan. He assessed that Jareth's 'bubble' was about 50 feet above the island's highest point. He scanned the skies carefully for Aladdin...

Battery Park...Yankee and Ricochet searched the park, walking along the shoreline...

"Aladdin!" Ricochet called out.

"Wow..." Yankee could see the Statue of Liberty's torch from the shore.

"Yankee, pay attention! We're looking for Aladdin!" Ricochet snapped.

"Are we sure that beacon out there isn't Aladdin?" Yankee asked. He then climbed the rail and stood on top...

"Yank, get down!" Ricochet ran to grab him, but Yankee had already pitched forward as if to dive. He was bounced back by the invisible 'bubble' and was knocked back to the concrete.

"You stupid ass!" Ricochet picked Yankee up. "You could have hurt yourself....!"

"Look over there!" Yankee pointed above.

"Yes, the statue is pretty..."

"No, I saw a flash of red!" Yankee got up in the direction of Wall Street. Ricochet chased after....

Times Square....

"Christ, what happened to this place!?" Zane looked around the glittering crossroads.

"Meow, even the army recuitment office went glam," Dory pointed out. A passing car came withing inches of running over Dory's tail. Dory howled and jumped into Zane's arms.

"Careful, Dory, watch the dress!" Zane put him gently back down. "See anything?"

"No. Tommy?" Dory called to Newton.

Newton looked southward down 7th and Broadway.

"Newton?" Zane called.

Newton didn't respond.

"Newton!" Zane shouted. "Do you see Aladdin?"

Dory nipped at Newton's pant leg, but Newton stared, wide-eyed in wonder...

"Newton," Dory said. "Stop watching the Jumbotron and help us!"

Newton breathed, "This...is the most... beautiful thing I've ever seen..."

"Oh, brrrother," Dory purred. "Zane, help?"

Zane and Dory picked up Newton by the arms and feet and they continued the search....


"Ach, this is hopeless!" Berlin sighed. "This city is too big! We'll never find him!"

"We could have used Jareth as another pair of wings, or Halloween Jack to scale the rooftops," Leon thought out loud. "Hmmm?" Leon ducked into an alley and pulled down the fire escape ladder. "I'm going up."

"Good idea," Berlin followed Leon upwards. After a couple of stories, Berlin was winded.

"You alright?" Leon asked.

"Fine," Berlin puffed. "I'm not used...to such physical...exertion. Punishment..for my excesses, I suppose."

"Just take it easy, I'll wait for ya," Leon said. Once on the rooftops, Leon and Berlin got a better view.

"Hey, I think I see something over there!" Leon pointed to another building across the alley. The gap between the building was at about 10 feet.

Berlin squatted down, out of breath, "Great...After all that...we got to go...back down!"

"I can jump it."

"Are you insane!!???" Berlin shouted hoarsely. "We're 5 stories up!"

Leon found some clothesline on the roof, made a lasso, twirled it above his head, and tossed it across the gap. The loop caught on the top of the fire escape ladder on the other building.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Berlin was amazed.

"I've scaled plenty of buildings to duck the cops. All because I'm trying to do my art, you know? I mean tagging ain't armed robbery..." Leon grabbed Berlin's arm, "Let's go."

"Oh, no!" Berlin shook his head. "This is dangerous! This is insane."

Leon smiled devilishly, "Of course it is, mate. We're Bowies. No grab on." Leon stood on the edge, as Berlin wrapped his arms securely around his shoulders from behind. Berlin shut his eyes tightly, as they swung across the gap.


"Damn, Berlin, don't scream!"

No more than ten seconds later, Leon had dropped Berlin on the rooftop of the other building.

"Ha!" Leon said, proudly, "Tell Jimmy you swung across an alley like Tarzan on the shoulders of a crazy mutha-f**kin' mulatto!"

Berlin opened one eye, "Crazy mother-f**kin'....What's that?" He saw what looked like red hair behind a chicken coup. Leon and Berlin ran, "Aladdin!"

No Aladdin. A scarecrow with a red wig.

"I...am going to kill you, Leon, if it wouldn't be called a bias crime," Berlin fainted.

Fifth Avenue..."We're supposed to be looking for Aladdin!" Nana shouted.

Liza, Veronica, and Screamin' Lord Byron were mesmerized by the windows of Versace.

"We ARE looking!" Liza pouted. "Aladdin is one of most glamourous among us. Why wouldn't he do a little window shopping?"

"But the stores aren't even open yet!" Nana reasoned.

"Oh, I see it!" Veronica gasped.

"Aladdin?" Nana asked.

"No, that turquoise python-skin strapless I'd been telling you all about." Liza and Byron "ooh"ed and "aah"ed.

"There you are!" Algeria Touchshriek tapped on Nana's shoulder. "I've been looking for you girls."

Nana stared coldly, "I'm sure you were. Don't make me use my cane."

"Now, now, my dear," Touchshriek smiled a near-toothless smile, "we haven't had dinner first."

"Have you seen Aladdin?" Nana asked.

"No," Mr. Touchshriek said, "but...um...I was thinking..."

"What?" Nana snapped curtly.

"Perhaps...you and I...take a walk about the park..."

"This is no time for a date, Algeria! No go away and don't bother us again!"

Touchshriek sighed sadly, and looked downward, "Oh...fine. It's alright, I suppose." He started walking northward, then stopped, "In my time, a gentlemen did not allow a lady to go unescorted."

"What am I, you little toad?" Byron turned his nose up at Algeria.

Touchshriek frowned, "I said a gentleman."

"You old fart!" Byron screamed...

"Leave him alone, Byron," Liza grabbed him by the arm. "Let's go down to Saks." Liza dragged the indignant Byron away, as Veronica and Nana followed. Touchshriek slowly hobbled down the opposite direction. Nana looked over her shoulder, frowned, and said, "Girls, I'll meet you when we find Aladdin."

To the girls and Byron's suprise, Nana quickly hobbled to Touchshriek. To Algeria's amazement, Nana took him by the hand, and the two slowly made their way to Central Park. "Now just remember, no hanky-panky," Nana shook her cane.

Don't understand me, just love me

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