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Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
08/09/01 04:29 PM
Splitting Headache--Wake Up, You Sleepy Head... [re: Kristin Machina]  

At a hospital on the East Side...




David opened his eyes and blinked several times, letting his eyes focus to the early morning light, "Wh...wha' 'appened?"

Before he could get an answer, his wife threw her arms around him, sobbing, "Oh my GOD, I thought I was going to lose you!" Then she grabbed him by the neck screaming, "DON'T EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!"

"Iman! Calm down!" Duncan firmly put his hands on her shoulders.

Iman wiped the tears from her eyes, and sniffed, "I am sorry...How do you feel, darling?"

"My headache's gone. Did I finish the shoot?"

Iman shook her head, "No, darling, Earl said you fainted on stage. You're in a hospital, in the ICU. The doctor ran some tests to check if you had a stroke."

"Dad, you really need to quit the cigarettes," Duncan said.

"I did quit the cigarettes," David retorted indignantly. "That's how I wound up in this mess."

"Well," Iman said, "I don't care if the record company wants a video, you're not working until you get some rest."

On the room television, "...this is News Channel 4, Today in New York...reviewing our top stories...a rock icon is rushed to a nearby hospital...strange sightings of flying UFO's over Manhattan, one described as a 'gold angel' and a naked man with red hair with two others swinging on a rope..."

In the woods of Central Park...

Newton watched the news from the hot dog vender's portable TV, "Hey, Leon, Berlin, Zero...that's you, mates!"

The vender said, "Hey, buddy, ya wanna buy a hot dog or what?"

"Oh no, thank you. Halloween Jack wouldn't like it if I was eating dog."

The vendor glared at him, "Are you a kook or somethin'?"

"No, no, Dory's the kook," he points downward.

"Sorry, surrr," Dory purrs, "He's not frrrom arrround here-urr. Newton," Dory tugs on Newton's pantleg, "Come back over here-urr and don't bothurrr the nice gentleman."

"Hey!" Newton sees the vendor screaming and running away with the cart, "Come back with the TV! Ow...! Dory, don't bite! I'm coming...."

Dory pushes Newton back into the deep woods of Central Park, where the others congregated. Liza, Veronica and Byron were sitting in a line, styling each other's hair. Zero polished his wings. Nathan wrote in his pocket journal. Earthling, Monte, Ricochet, Yankee and Zane played cards. Leon and Berlin were napping at opposite sides of a tree. Pierrot swung on the tree branches like a monkee. Major Tom was analyzing the air quality. Algeria and Nana had tea...

Aladdin was tied to a tree, still unconscious, for his own protection.

"Heh heh," Tin looked up and chuckled, "big man like that scared off by a little pussy like you."

"I didn't scare him and don't call me a pussy!" Newton sulked.

Tin: "No, I meant...sigh...never mind..."

Screaming Lord Byron mutters to the girls, "It's true. TV does rot the brain." The girls chuckled.

"Here, Newton!" Earthling called, "I got Boz to hook up to satellite TV." Boz now had a screen in his belly and little satellite dishes for ears. Boz's lips moved in sync with the sound, "...rock legend David Bowie collapsed on the set of his latest video in Greenwich Village last night. Bowie, 54, was rushed to a nearby hospital, after experiencing some severe headaches. Oddly, any crew member we tried to contact said they 'don't remember!'"

Crew member on TV: "Look, it was a long shoot...no breaks...it was all pretty traumatic...honestly, it's all a blur after he fainted..."

Reporter: "Family and bandmates are at the hospital right now. However, the video's director, Nigel McCool, is nowhere to be found..."

"Does that mean Jareth and the others left the theatre?" Zane asked.

Walking through Central Park, the remaining Bowies chose to keep a low profile. Jareth provided Baby Grace with an ankle-length, high-collared, full-sleeved rose-patterned grey gown. She also had long gloves to conceal the stitches. Her hair was tied back with a bow. The Goblin King, himself, wore a black trenchcoat, black pants, and a wide-brimmed black hat, with only two curls of white-blond hair showing. Grace held Halloween Jack--who had fully transformed into a large dog--by a leash. Passers-by might mistake them for an Hasidic-Jewish father and daughter, walking their dog. Major Celliers walked a few feet behind them, still in fatigues, holding a briefcase in one hand. Jareth 'insisted' that Celliers hide his gun into one of his magic crystals, since carrying a concealed weapon was a crime here.

"Still don't trust me, Major?" Jareth peeked over his shoulder.

"Not as far as I can toss you," Celliers answered.

"Don't worry," the King clicked his tongue, "I won't use your own gun against you. Besides, if I wanted to kill you, I would have already."

They walk in silence.

Jareth spoke again, without turning his head, "Major, do you still think what we did to the director was...unethical?"

"'Unethical' is not the word I would use, Your Evilness," Celliers said, with a tinge of sarcasm.

"Tut, tut!" Jareth stopped, as did Grace and Halloween Jack after, "I am only as every bit as evil as you."

"Me!?" Celliers said. "You kidnap babies, hold them for ransom, turn them into goblins, abuse your subjects--physically and emotionally--and furthermore, you mentally tortured, threatened to kill, and attempted to seduce a minor!" Celliers glances at Grace, but she looks downward.

"Major, for shame! In my country, 13 is the legal age of courtship. But you are more evil than I..."

"Why?" Celliers was fuming.

Grace: "Because Major is a lawyer."

Jareth chuckled, "Out of the mouths of babes....funny, Gracie, no. That's not why.."

"If it's about the kiss--I kissed that Jap on the CHEEK! It meant nothing! He was going to kill an innocent man..."

"I care little about your silly human hang-ups about same-sex affections..."

"So what?? So I set my kid brother up on a prank? He didn't get seriously hurt! Not really..."

"But he was hurt. Wasn't he, Major?"

"Well," Major cooled off a bit, "he never sang again...."

"And why didn't big brother," Jareth pouted, "come and save him? You did before. What happened? Tired of playing hero?"

"N..no..." Celliers stammered.

"Or did you secretly want to teach the little canary a lesson--trust no one. Lovely lesson, I say."

"But I'm NOT evil!" Celliers screamed.

"Ah, but you are," Jareth rocked on his heels, "in your own defense, Mr. Attorney, you've also provided your own prosicution. You deliberately nominated your own brother for hazing, abandon him, then out of some contrived guilt or shame, you join to army to become the 'hero' you failed to be. What happened instead is you became more cold-blooded AND blood-thirsty...."

"Shut up..." Celliers growls.

"THEN, to compensate for the fact that you have no honor, you rob another man of his AND toy with his affections at the same time! And you still come off as the big hero. Bravo!" he clapped. "So you see, you...are...evil."

Celliers swung his fist hard at the Goblin King's jaw, knocking him onto the pavement. Halloween Jack lunged at the enraged soldier, but Celliers kicked him away.

Celliers stood over the sore but smirking goblin monach, "You SON OF A BITCH! Humans are just toys to you, aren't they!!!??? Push a button and watch them go off..."

Jareth got up, his face went from smug to deadly serious, "Well, Major Jacques Celliers, if you don't want to play with me, I'll just take my ball and go home..." With a wave, Grace vanished into a ball of light and Jareth into an owl. They two flew off somewhere.

Cellier's face was beet-red and he was breathing hard. He wanted to cry....

"Sorry I jumped you," Halloween Jack said, recovering. "I just tried to stop you two from killing each other..."

"He's got my gun." Celliers wipes his brow. "What about you, doggy? Which side are you on?"

Jack said, simply, "Nobody's. Can I see the dirty pictures now?"
Jareth and Grace appeared at the Duke's hideout. The King reappeared in a black leather body-suit, black high-boots, black gloves, and a black split cape around his shoulders and neck. It gave him the appearance of an insect--a beetle--with his hair more formed into quills.

"Good news," the Duke greeted him, "the body is awake."

Ramona approached Grace, "Hello, pretty one..." Grace ducked behind Jareth as he raised an arm in defense of her.

"Get your own toys, crone," Jareth said. Ramoma hissed.

"Enough!" The Duke snapped. "With all the pawns in place, let's let the body rest. When the time comes, I will begin the game..."

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

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