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Kristin Machina
(crash course raver)
09/28/01 03:21 PM
Splitting Headache--Lunch Break Part II [re: Kristin Machina]  

One of the pizzaria's waiters, a wide-eyed boy in his late teens, dressed as the Ed Sullivan version of Elvis, was absolutely dumbfounded. As he passed out the sodas, he tapped Berlin on the shoulder, "Are you the '68 comeback Elvis?"

Berlin: "Er, no. But I remember when he died..."

Yankee snorted, "Good riddance." He sulked on his straw.

Berlin: "Yankee! What's with the attitude?"

Yankee looked like he'd burst into tears, "Elvis didn't like my song! I thought "Golden Years" would be perfect..."

Leon asked, "But Yankee, that's one of the Thin White Duke's tunes..."

Yankee: "IS NOT! I wrote it! I wrote it for my sweet, sweet Angie..." Yankee then gets all moony-eyed.

This time, Berlin snorts, "Wait until 'sweet, sweet Angie' leaves your five-year-old son alone on Christmas to go to a party."

'Young Elvis' waiter shakes his head, "Man, I only dress like Elvis to pay for med school--you guys are obsessed!" Then continues on his way.

Leon patted Yankee on the shoulder, "Well if that old druggie didn't appreciate your song, then he missed out, big time."

Yankee smiled, and hugged Leon, "Thanks."

Earthling knelt by Aladdin, who was sitting in a corner table. The others had persuaded Aladdin to wear clothes in a restaurant, so the genie wore the powder-blue "Life on Mars" suit. Earthling said, pointing to Yankee, Leon and Berlin, "See? We get along once in a while."

Aladdin rested his head in his hands on the table, "But we're still too fragmented. Look." The poker group--Zane, Tin, Monte, and Ricochet were playing cards (as usual) in one corner. Dory and Halloween Jack stared at each other from opposite ends of the room. Nathan sat alone, sketching something in a room. Pierrot was imitating the cooks behind the counter, as they were flipping pizzas. Major Tom and Boz were analyzing the contents of the pizza's 'special sauce.' Major Celliers leaned against the doorway, glaring at the cloaked figure of the Goblin King, who sat silently with Grace next to Aladdin. Algeria and Nana sat at their own table, sipping one malted with two straws, smiling peacefully. The other chorus girls giggled at the couple. The owner was trying to make conversation with the girls, once in a while make Elvis-like gyrations. Byron, intimidated by 'big Elvis' leaned nervously against the jukebox, along with Zero.

Aladdin: "We're still in the same small groups. No one is really interacting with each other."

Liza smiled at Nana and Algeria, telling Veronica, "They're so cute!"

Veronica smiled, too, "I still think Al's creepy, but Nana seems happy."

The owner chuckled nervously, "Heh, heh, hey ladies, why are y'al so interesting in this Bowie character. Y'know the King could do it all--he could dance," he swung his hips, "he could play guitar..."

Liza and Veronica: "Like Ziggy?"

'Big Elvis': "Uh? Whatever. AND he could sing! Listen here!" He waddled over to the jukebox, "Outta mah way, ya pansies!" Byron and Zero backed away from the jukebox, as 'Big Elvis' put in a quarter. The record began the play, and he sang, "Are you lonesome...toniiiight...."

'Big Elvis' may have had the accent down--and the pre-mortem look down--but his cartoonish, wobbly, gruff voice just wasn't the genuine article. By the end of the first verse, Liza and Veronica smiled, to be polite, but were taken aback by a second voice...

Zero, while reviled as the weakest Bowie artistically, can still sing like Bowie. Like Bowie, if he had the will to, he could sound like Frank, or Bing...or even Elvis. Only better--because's it's still David's voice. As the gold-winged persona sang, the whole room, before filled with a dozen separate conversations, went quiet. Everyone was amazed. 'Big Elvis' went quiet, too--but he wasn't happy about being interrupted.

Zero finished the song, kneeling by the girl's table, "...with the stars in your eyes...tell me, are you lonesome....tonight....

The song stopped playing, and it was pin-drop quiet for 5 seconds.

Then the rooom exploded in applause! Zero bashfully bowed, but was grabbed by the lapels of his gold-leather jacket and spun around. He looked Big Elvis in the face--and Elvis' face was beet-red with anger, "HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT MAH SONG!!"

Liza and Veronica stood up, "But we liked Zero's..."

"STAY OUTTA THIS, WOMEN!" Big Elvis then got a tap on the shoulder. Nathan scowled at him, "Put him down. Now."

"Make me!' Elvis should watch what he said. All Bowies were now surrounding him--all with very dangerous looks on their faces. They may be mostly skinny, but they still outnumbered him at least twenty-to-one.

Nathan then said, "Sir, we haven't caused you any trouble. Now put the boy down, and please bring us our food so we can leave."

Ricochet said, "Or we can just leave and you'd be out at least a hundred bucks, including tip...if we really wanted to..."

The owner quickly released Zero, overwhelmed and giggling nervously, "Hey! Hey! Ah'm sorry 'bout that! Ah...Ah'll git yer food! Right away!" He then skittled off behind the counter.

Zero breathed a sigh of relief, then frowned, "I'm...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have opened my mouth..." He began to back up to his corner, when Aladdin put a hand on his shoulder. The genie hugged Zero, whispering, "It's not your fault." The genie's eyes met the others, "Well done, everyone. Well done." He smiled.

Nathan adjusted his hat, bashfully, "Well, we can't let one of ours get pushed around." The others nodded in agreement.

Zero: "Wow! You mean you all stood up for me even though..."

Earthling, "Hey! We've all done worse things. Right?"

Eveyone, "Right!"

Zero smiled and started to weep...

"ACK!! Enough with the after-school melodrama!" Jareth shouted, "Can we get to business or what!!??"

Aladdin released Zero and smiled, "OK, we're ready. Let's push all the table together and talk--as one group this time. Jareth? Tell us how to get home."

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

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