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Kristin Machina
(crash course raver)
10/24/01 03:31 AM
Splitting Headache--Fallen Wings [re: Kristin Machina]  

"Fine by me!" Aladdin Sane scowled, as he and the Duke stormed outside. The other Bowies chased after the two...

Ricochet left a one-hundred dollar bill on the counter, where Big Elvis was trembling behind.

Ricochet: "Um...this ought to cover it. Sorry about the mess. Keep the change!" And he ran out to follow the others.

Young Elvis Waiter stood dumbfounded, "Only in New York..."

"Wait a minute!!" Detective Nathan Adler shouted after the Duke and Aladdin, who stood in the middle of Lexington Avenue, in the way of traffic. "What about what the Goblin King was just saying!? We can't be fightin'!"

Aladdin: "It's just a safety precaution, in case the Duke throws one of his tantrums and brings the place down!" His red eyes never left the Duke's piercing blues.

"Why should I care about some silly little shrine to a dead rock star?" the Duke huffed.

"When there's PEOPLE in it, you heartless son of a..."

Nana: "Ah, could you boys settle this OUT OF THE STREET!" Not only was the multitude of Bowies drawing a crowd, but they were halting traffic on one of the busiest streets in the city! Car honked furiously: "Git outta da way!" "Yo! Put on some pants!"

The Thin White Duke whipped his arms up and down, and lightning crashed onto the street behind him. Panicked motorists fled their vehicles and ran down the street.

Aladdin tackled the Duke in a red-and-blue lightning flash and screamed: "STOP IT!! You've wrecked our own world! Do you have to wreck this one too??"

Ramona aimed her very large gun at Aladdin's head, "He's trying to save our world, you simple creature. Now get off him, now!"

Nathan drew his gun, "Get away from Aladdin, Ms. Stone! I hardly call scaring dozens of New Yorkers 'savin' the world'."

As frail as the Thin White Duke appears to be, he managed to roll on top of Aladdin, as the two rolled around on the concrete, "If the body stops smoking, it IS the end of the world as we know it! It is the fuel of his creativity!"

Aladdin rolled on top, "No, my other half--WE are the fuel of his creativity--as well as its products! Get up," the genie pulled up the Duke by the lapels of his vest, "Look at us!" He gestures at the Bowies on the sidewalk, all holding knives, "WE created all this--just as Major Tom, Zane and Dory created Ziggy and Ziggy created us!"

Duke swatted away Aladdin's hands, "Well I'm not going back without my cigarettes!"

Aladdin breathed a heavy sigh, "Look, my brother, I am very tired of fighting with you...perhaps it's time we talked for once."

Duke made a loud, humourless "Ha!" "'Brother??' How dare you, my lesser half! I am far superior to you--far superior to you all--including Ziggy!"

"That's not important right now, Duke," Aladdin said. "We cannot stay here forever. We have nowhere to go--nowhere to stay. Eventually we will fade away, and David will be left with nothing."

"If he doesn't start smoking again, then nothing he is!" The Duke was adamant.

Tin screamed, "I can't f**kin' believe he's keeping us here because he wants his f**kin' smokes!! He's such a god-damn baby!"

"This isn't about smokes, is it, Duke?" Jareth stepped forward, "This is about control. You're afraid of losing control."

The Duke glanced coldly at Jareth, "Practicing psychiatry without a license, I see?"

Jareth: "I've found that Major Celliers inherited your temper."

"And whose side are you on, Goblin King? Weren't you aiming to make Ziggy your slave the same as you've made Baby Grace?" The Duke cocked an eyebrow.

"What??" Aladdin looked at Jareth, shocked.

"We both have our ambitions, Duke," Jareth cooly adjusted his long, black gloves. "I am only claiming my birthright as a descendant of Ziggy Stardust--you and Aladdin have had your chance."

Leon Blank: "Son of a bitch!"

The Duke stepped up to Jareth, the two men in black staring pale face to pale face, "You don't know what you're asking for, boy. To revive Ziggy is to damn us into a subconscious collective. We'll lose our autonomy, our individuality. I won't share power with anyone!"

Jareth smirked in his usual cavalier fashion: "Didn't your mummy and daddy tell you to share with the other boys and girls." Then his expression turned serious, "You've done without cocaine--you can without cigarettes. So grow up!"

The Duke stared at his descendant intently, "I have to give you credit. You've done a fine job deducing our family tree. But do you know where John Blaylock came from?"

Before Jareth could even think of an answer, the Duke grabbed the King's hair from behind and jerked his backwards. The Duke then sank his teeth into his throat! The wild-haired wizard screamed as the blood and his power were drained from his body.

"NO!" Nathan fired his gun and struck Duke in the shoulder. The others rushed to the two, but Ramona sprayed gunfire above their heads. Earthing was the first to hit the ground, terrified of firearms. The others followed suit, screaming.

Meanwhile, the Duke-- blue blood dripping from his lips and his arm, reeled in pain and dropped the wizard. He transformed into a black owl and flew off. Nathan and Major Celliers got up and fired their weapons at the fleeing bird, but missed as the owl vanished.

"Duke!" Ramona screamed. "Wait! Don't leave my behind, you bastard!!"

Aladdin was the first to reach Jareth. The Goblin King looked ashen, blood gurgling from his mouth and neck. "Jareth!!" Aladdin screamed, "Jareth, are you alright!? Oh God," he tried to cover Jareth's wound with his own little hand, "I'm sorry...I couldn't stop him..."

Jareth's eyes twinkled with fading magic, "A...Al...Aladdin...re..member...what I..."

Grace fell at her fallen master's side, "Master!! Don't die, please!"

Jareth very weakly chuckled, as blood gurgled, "My...li'... dar...ling...I cannot...die...my power...will pass...on....Aladdin..." The genie leaned in. "Aladdin...take...my power...it's...yours..."

Aladdin shook his red head furiously, "Don't talk like that! I won't have another Bowie die!"

Grace took her own knife, then took Aladdin's hand and forcebly slashed his palm. Before Aladdin can protest in pain,Grace placed his shallowly slashed palm onto Jareth's neck. A blood-to-blood transfer of power--as it began fifteen years ago--returned some of Aladdin's energy to him from his own descendant. Energy flowed up Aladdin's arm and throughout his body, causing him to glow brightly. Seconds later, the transfer was complete, and the Goblin King was...

"NOOOOO!" Aladdin screamed, covering his face with his bloody hands.

Grace said, quietly, "Master said that if anything ever happened to him, his power would go to me. He taught me what to do. But his power is really your power, Master Aladdin."

Aladdin shook violently, sobbing. Grace embraced him, sobbing as well. The other Bowies gingerly gathered around, gazing in horror and grief. Nathan and Halloween Jack removed their hats. So did Major Celliers, "How cruel..."

Ramona, uncomfortably, backed away from the scene, but was grabbed from the arm by Leon Blank, "Your lover just killed a man! Where has he gone, you old bitch!!??"

"Let go, child," Ramona slapped him away, "The double-crosser got what was coming to him!"

Aladdin choked back tears, "We've got to find the Duke. Now."

"Right, he can't get away with this!" Halloween Jack howled, "I don't care what Jareth's done--he didn't deserve this!"

"It's not just that," Aladdin said, cradling Jareth's lifeless body in his arms, "The Duke has half of his power, including his own. The Thin White Duke has now become more dangerous than ever."

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