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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/29/02 06:13 PM
An Ode To Love (kept)  

....Nyah...(00:40 AM) :
would that be nice? ;)
well, use your imagination
what would you do? ;)
Unbutton your shirt :-O
...Nyah...(00:41 AM) :
why not? ;)
And you would unbutton mine?
...Nyah...(00:42 AM) :
straight away when we'd be alone ;) and kiss your chest ;)))))
I'd like that very much ;)
...Nyah...(00:43 AM) :
of course you would
and then i'd hold you so close that it'd seem we had the one heart beating for both :)
You make me melt!
I just wanna hold you right now RIGGGHT NOW

...Nyah...(00:44 AM) :
and then i'd ask you to close your eyes and then....
then i'd run my hand again down your chest and then the back....
kiss your neck and then your lips
veeeeeeeeeeery gently :))))))
you'd hardly be able to breathe :) it's tge power of love
Oh angel :))))
I can hardly breathe now

...Nyah...(00:46 AM) :
i can't imagine what i'd be saying but i can imagine thousand of things i'd want to be doing with you ;)
they don't even have to be naughty
they all are just beautiful and show how much i love you
I'd be kissing your ears, whispering into them that I adore you, and will be beside forever
...Nyah...(00:47 AM) :
i'd use my tongue in kissing your ears ;))))
and i'd make you go crazy and squeeze me so so tight that i wouldn't be able to breathe...
Stroking your hair, then down to stroking your back
I'm melting lol
I'm nearly fainting here at the keyboard, how do you do this to me?

...Nyah...(00:49 AM) :
and then my hair would fall on your shoulders and you'd be able to se my eyes so close....
so close...closed and yearning for your kiss.....
you'd kiss my neck and stroke me legs
my hand would be massaging your shoulders and at the same time i'd be kissing you again and again....
the moonlight would be lightning our faces......
i'd see the love in you eyes and would want to give you whole myself.....
You'd feel my tongue on your neck, you'd feel my teeth and lips as you blush and I kiss and kiss your neck....I'd turn your face to me and kiss you on the lips with passion
...Nyah...(00:51 AM) :
but with that we'll have to wait not to spoil anything
That was incredibly beautiful angel
...Nyah...(00:52 AM) :
then you'd be gently biting my lip....
making me go wild.......
making me run my hands through your hair again and again....
making this night the best nigh t ever
then i'd lie on the bed.....so much emotions that it'd be hard to breathe for us
new feeling would be around, just like the spirit of love, the angel would be flying beside us
i'd close my eyes, having no strength to tell you even ILY but you anyway know i do
then you'd lie next to me and hold me veeeeeery tight again....
and we'd both fall asleep kissing and feeling each other
when tthe sun comes up and the bird sings out the new song which she made up just in the morning we'd be waking up and
meeting the day together :)) for the first time together
as if in a fairy tale
asking ourselves if it was real or a dream which an evil witch
made up
but no - IT'S LOVE
and nothing will ever stop it
not a damn existing thing will make us forget about each other
cause this is God who created us to show the world what love is
and how amazing it is
you just have to believe, have to wait till you are given the chance to be in love
REALLy in love
this amazing feeling would never leave us alone not just for the entire day
but for our whole lives
we'd be gazing in our eyes all the time like there's nothing more around and ppl would thik we're crazy
but we wouldn't care
no-one ever said you can't be crazy
but unfortunately ppl do say you can't be in love
well, we are made to prove tem they are wrong
cause my love is so huge that no words can describe me
no eyes can see it
no heart can feel - other than yours....
I love you so much, I can hardly type

"Live today to the fullest and make it beautiful. So that it will be worth remembering"

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