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10/22/02 00:05 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography [re: PHOENIX]  


As David Bowie and Iman spent the previous Christmas together in a new home overlooking his cash pile, it would be enlightening to look over their courtship, much of which takes place over the following months.

Bowie - 'I wooed her in a gentlemanly fashion. I would bring her gifts; posters of me, my albums, books written about me. I realised that as she came from Somalia she had probably never seen chocolates before, I sent her some dark ones with a note, "Don't be frightened, you are supposed to eat them!". I also guessed she had never seen flowers before, so I sent her some weeds.'

Iman - 'The guy is following me around everywhere, he says "I want to do it with you", I says "I showed you my bigguns, what more do you want?", he says "You excite me, I am being excited", I says "I am being made very nervous", he says "I gave you a place to stay Christmas, you owe me big time", I says that not unless we get married and you are changing your will, then I will think about doing it.

Bowie - 'It was precious from the first night. Kisses on the cheek after being led to doorways, romantic things like that, little love notes.'

Iman - 'So I sees a paper that has been pushed into my purse. I looks at the paper and it has this drawings on it with two people doing horrible, horrible things to each other. On note is written "David and Iman, doing the deed". This is after taking me home and trying to kiss on me at the doorstep, I kicked him hard in the ankle and screamed'

Meanwhile, Sound and Vision coupled with romance had for a while clouded David's ultimate vision. When a lawsuit was brought against him by a fan claiming to have had is ears damaged at a Tin Machine concert at the New York Coliseum he exlaimed, 'Oh Crap! Tin Machine!' and ran off.

Recording for Tin Machine's second album had taken place at various times, much work had been done in late 89/early 90. Bowie took the tapes to EMI who listened to it and then proceded to chase Bowie out of the building with brooms and rolling pins in a comical 'Benny Hill' type fashion.

David and the band went out on the road looking for someone to release their record. They ended up licensing it to London Records as a comical Heavy Metal parody album and crossed their fingers in the hope that they wouldn't catch on.

On August 27th the album was released in America. They would have liked to have called it 'Tin Machine' but publicists were insisting they go for something more original, something more different than their earlier release, so they called it 'Tin Machine II'.

Rolling Stone - David, despite heavy criticism and the effect of such a big-name star dominating such a low-key venture, you continue to persist. Is it stubborness or do you really have a long term belief in what you are doing with this?

Reeves Gabrel - No, my name is Reeves, not David.

Tony Sales - I think she was talking to me.

Hunt Sales - I'm not a big-name star at all, that's nonsense, where do you get these rumours? I can have you fired you know, give me your phone number.

Tony Sales - I'm cracking up here, I can't take this pressure.

Reeves Gabrel - Anybody who tells you that I have ever met David Bowie is mistaken. I want legal assistance. I want to get out of here.

David Bowie - I have very little input. I'm just happy they let me join

Rolling Stone - Alright. Can ony of you tell me who the leader of your group is?

Hunt Sales - I cannot say. He will hurt us.

In September 'Tin Machine II' was released in Britain. It was generally seen as a bunch of imaginative lyrics and strong tunes backed up by a caterwall of catatonic noise. Not even the abundance of penis on the album cover helped sales or promotion.

In October David dragged off his shaken co-horts to untertake a more lengthy tour than the last. It would begin in Europe, consisting of eight concerts in Britain, the last two being in Brixton where Bowie was born. Rumours circulated that he would stage his death at one of these concerts, thereby making some kind of poetic 'I was born here, oops I died here too' gesture.

Meanwhile, during a candle lit dinner on a riverboat travelling down the Seine with Iman, Bowie couldn't take it anymore. He proposed marriage to her. 'I had planned it carefully, and when the pianist began to play 'It's All Shit' I got down on one knee and began to sing Iggy Pop's 'It's All Shit' to her. Then I said "Will you Marry Me?".

Iman was stunned. 'I was stunned. This guy was singing to me this terrible song about shit, and I was just being revolted and wanting to get home. Then he asks me to marry him. I felt sorry for this guy, so I says "Ok, but please do never sing to me again", and he shows me his ring, and I says "Please put that away, I will see enough of that on the wedding night", and then we kiss'.

Iman went on to flee the scene shortly afterward to record a video with Michael Jackson and star in Star Trek VI. Meanwhile 'The Linguini Incident' makes Physics headlines when it is actually recorded breaking the speed of light going from cinema to video.

Back on the road with Tin Machine, Bowie gets injured at one of his concerts in Brixton. On November 11th a fan throws a cigarette packet at him (perhaps he was not a fan in that case) and injures his eye (again). Bowie continued to perform however with the eye dangling out of his socket. This may have been the 'staged death' attempt, many performers have been killed in the past by flying cigerette packs.

Touring would take up the rest of the year, in Europe and the United States. Bowie would frequently dodge cigerette packets, and the odd beer bottle. Gabrels would have a few moments providing brilliant guitar breaks. The Sales Brothers would also have their moments with one or two brilliant toilet breaks.

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

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