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(cracked actor)
01/18/03 08:18 AM
Hunt Sales fan fic  

Scene 1, Tin Machine rehearsing.
David: and let's go through I can't read once more...
Hunt: Hey Dave, I'm sick and tired of playing that highbrow arty crap all the time... why don't we play some real blues?
Reeves: (uneasy, turns to his amp turning a knob)
David: Hunt, I told you before and I'm telling you again: we're a band, we all contribute and we make collective decisions. Now if you write a song, then we'll consider playing it.
Hunt: hmm, grunt... Yeah, I'll write a song all right.

Scene 2, Hunt Sales alone in his room.
Hunt: Yeah, so Dave says if I write a song we'll play it. That couldn't be too hard. Dave and Reeves write them all the time. I'll show their arty-farty arses how to write a song that's a billion times better than theirs... let's see.. it's gonna be bluesy, kind of cool... "I'm going home, I'm going stateside.." yeah, that's it...

Scene 3, Tin Machine rehearsing.
David (singing): Marilyn inflatables home on the ranch...
Hunt: (stops playing, makes others halt) Hey! What's that? That line's not in my song!
David: Why, Hunt, I was just trying something out.
Hunt: But it's not in my song!
David: I just thought we could work on it together, make the song even better.
Reeves: I think it fits in.
Tony (chuckles): Marilyn inflatables... that's, like, cool.
Hunt: Well.. (lightens up) I guess you should have co-writing credits for this one then.
David: Wow, thank you Hunt.

Scene 4, Tin Machine recording.
David: OK, let's have pizza and then start doing Debaser, right?
Hunt: Debaser? What the fuck? I thought we agreed to make this a good album! There's original material we should use before throwing in covers! What about Stateside?
David: Er.. we could discuss that...
Reeves: I like Debaser.
Tony: I think -
David: Right then. I'll order pizza.
Tony: I guess -
Reeves: No onion on mine, like I got last time.
Hunt: HEY!
David: Erm, right, let's do Stateside after we've eaten then.

Scene 5, Tin Machine discussing setlist for tour.
Tony: We'll have to play Amazing.
David: Right, I'll put that down... Amazing...
Hunt: Stateside.
Reeves: Debaser.
David: Right, Debaser it is...
Hunt: Stateside.
Reeves: And of course Heaven's in here.
David: Yeah, Heaven's in here...
Hunt: Stateside!
Tony: Yeah, we should play Stateside, that's our best song.
Reeves: Why don't we do a Dinosaur Jr cover?
David: (sigh) I'm writing Stateside...
Hunt: Because you know, Dave, I thought of this, how to do Stateside live, wouldn't it be cool if we get the audience really excited, like I go up front on the stage and shout, "Anyone wanna go stateside?", and the kids'll go all crazy...
Reeves: (uneasy) There are several Dinosaur Jr. songs we could consider doing...
David: What's the time? I just remember that I promised to meet someone.
Hunt: That would be really cool, wouldn't it?
Tony: (opens beer can) You should, like, wave your drumsticks in the air.
David, Reeves: (exit)

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