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(mortal with potential)
06/03/03 10:19 PM
Re: This comic isn't funny [re: Sylvanelf]  

And that's not funny?i thought it was actually.*laughs* And accurate too:D

Shine,bright morning light now in the air the spring is coming.Sweet blowing wind singing down the hills and valleys.Keep your eyes on me,now we're on the edge of hell.Dear my love,sweet morning light,wait for me you've gone much farther,too far.

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*This comic isn't funny (kept)  Sylvanelf06/03/03 05:16 PM
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.*This *is* quality time!  ohramona07/07/03 10:14 PM
.*Re: This *is* quality time!  ohramonaModerator01/12/13 07:18 PM
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.*Subtlety  Ruskie06/22/03 10:45 PM
.*Re: Subtlety  schizophrenic06/23/03 09:49 AM
.*The masses don't like to have to think  Ruskie06/23/03 07:36 PM
.*nor this one  JonnyManic06/22/03 06:22 PM
.*Re: nor this one  schizophrenic06/22/03 06:46 PM
.*Re: This comic isn't funny  Atonalexpress06/21/03 11:22 PM
.*people in the comic: this only means I love you  heathenpunkgirl06/21/03 06:22 PM
.*OOPS  heathenpunkgirl06/21/03 06:57 PM
.*AAARGH!  soho_beatnik06/21/03 03:11 AM
.*This comic was waaay too much work  power2charm06/18/03 09:06 PM
.*twisted  power2charm06/19/03 07:21 PM
.*Re: twisted *DELETED*  HokeyXV06/20/03 01:57 PM
.*Finally, a *really* unfunny strip  power2charm06/20/03 02:16 PM
.*Re: Finally, a *really* unfunny strip  HokeyXV06/20/03 02:35 PM
.*Re: Finally, a *really* unfunny strip  HokeyXV06/20/03 02:38 PM
.*Re: Finally, a *really* unfunny strip  eraserhead06/20/03 05:46 PM
.*Re: Finally, a *really* unfunny strip  Sylvanelf06/20/03 10:28 PM
.*frightening, frightening, frightening  eraserhead06/21/03 10:08 AM
.*me = Scott Adams of TW  power2charm06/20/03 10:57 PM
.*Re: me = Scott Adams of TW  Ruskie06/21/03 12:23 PM
.*Re: me = Scott Adams of TW  schizophrenic06/21/03 03:05 PM
.*Look at my boobies  bootyrump06/21/03 01:34 AM
.*Ha ha ha ha ha  strangeDivine11/12/03 02:33 PM
.*Re: Ha ha ha ha ha  GoneFairy11/12/03 03:10 PM
.*Re: Ha ha ha ha ha  strangeDivine11/12/03 03:21 PM
.*Re: Ha ha ha ha ha  Mousey07/15/04 08:37 AM
.*Re: Ha ha ha ha ha  littlechinagirl05/17/05 11:22 AM
.*Re: Ha ha ha ha ha  Mxy05/17/05 12:39 PM
.*My head period is starting! How embarrasing!  SysiyoModerator05/17/05 12:59 PM
.*Re: My head period is starting! How embarrasing!  Mxy05/19/05 10:33 PM
.*Re: My head period is starting! How embarrasing!  SysiyoModerator05/20/05 11:04 AM
.*i love you two  beatled06/19/03 01:07 AM
.*This comic isn't funny like Police Academy 4  ex_Ruskie06/09/03 00:37 AM
.*The triumverate plies its trade  Wraith206/09/03 01:45 AM
.*Roid Rage  Marquis06/14/03 05:59 PM
.*Re: Roid Rage  RabbitFighter06/14/03 07:52 PM
.*Re: Roid Rage  Glitterbot06/17/03 09:04 PM
.*You know what I hate?  Marquis06/18/03 05:40 PM
.*Re: You know what I hate?  dice06/21/03 03:56 PM
.*Re: Roid Rage  Kaoru06/18/03 01:32 AM
.*This isn't really funny either  Wraith206/04/03 02:12 PM
.*Re: This isn't really funny either  Halloween Jill06/19/03 04:44 PM
.*oh alex  LittleWonder1706/04/03 11:08 PM
.*The wedding's still on  Wraith206/05/03 08:42 PM
.*holy shit  Sylvanelf06/06/03 10:35 AM
.*Re: holy shit  SysiyoModerator11/12/03 04:22 AM
.*Re: holy shit  iluv06/06/03 10:19 PM
.*Re: holy shit  orcajenn06/06/03 01:17 PM
.*Re: The wedding's still on  Strawman06/06/03 04:16 AM
.*And I can't afford any platforms yet.  Angel Gone Heathen06/05/03 11:26 PM
.*rofl  Sylvanelf06/04/03 04:27 PM
.*But milk (I think) is comming out my nose!  ohramona06/04/03 11:39 AM
.*Worse than the first!  Sylvanelf06/04/03 10:47 AM
.*Re: This comic isn't funny  soho_beatnik06/04/03 01:10 AM
..Re: This comic isn't funny  Kaoru06/03/03 10:19 PM
.*Re: This comic isn't funny  Tennille06/03/03 10:10 PM
.*Re: This comic isn't funny  Strawman06/03/03 06:32 PM
.*omg somebody replied  Sylvanelf06/03/03 07:49 PM
.*Re: omg somebody replied  JarethsGirl06/03/03 09:37 PM
.*Re: omg somebody replied  Strawman06/03/03 08:24 PM
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