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01/20/07 09:53 AM
Hi Ghostlove! [re: ghostlove]  

Hi Ghostlove!

Thank you for watching and for your kind reviews! Yeah, the mime has been going at it for like three years or so now and he's very good. And the other guy, who looks like a Freak Brother, that's the one and only, MANGA MAN!!! He has this very unique act whereby he reads Japanese Manga Comic books to people in very animated and emotional voices. Check out this other clip of him here TOTALLY GOING OFF:


YOOOO!!!!! YOU GO MANGA MAN YOOOO!!!! And, even though he looks like a TOTAL FREAK (which is absolutely VERBOTEN here in Japan Land) his act is so awesome and hilarious that it doesn't matter what he looks like. And he has recently been on late-night cable TV here more than a few times. Yeah, he REALLY is something, but I only got him on tape for five minutes or so last weekend, but I talked to him after he was done reading that comic book, and I might be able to film him tomorrow, if the weather holds out. Let's hope it does.

And this just in:

NEWS UPDATE: Tokyo Street Shows Video #1 was selected as one of the Best Internet Videos of the Week by Internet Video Magazine (01-20-07)

"Its that crazy Rob Pongi again. This is a highlight video which shows some very talented and interesting Japanese entertainers as seen performing on Tokyo streets and in Tokyo public parks. Completely filmed and edited by Rob Pongi. Copyright (2007) by Rob Pongi. Used by permission and all rights reserved. Be sure to see Tokyo Highlights Video #1 and also see more interview and variety videos"


Asia Entertainment Online Videos
Rob Pongi Blog

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