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07/27/09 03:31 PM
Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror [re: robpongi]  

#24 Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror

Monday, July 27th, 2009

In Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

Via Project Censored

Rense.com and Rock Creek Free Press, January 14, 2008
Title: “Transcript Of Japanese Parliament’s 911 Testimony”
Author: Benjamin Fulford

Student Researchers: Kyle Corcoran, Alan Scher, Bill Gibbons, and Elizabeth Rathbun

Faculty Evaluator: Mickey S. Huff, MA

In reply to:

Testimony in the Japanese parliament, broadcast live on Japanese television in January 2008, challenged the premise and validity of the Global War on Terror. Parliament member Yukihisa Fujita insisted that an investigation be conducted into the war’s origin: the events of 9/11.

In a parliament Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee session held to debate the ethics of renewing Japan’s “anti-terror law,” which commits Japan to providing logistical support for coalition forces operating in Afghanistan, Fujita opened the session by stating, “I would like to talk about the origin of this war on terrorism, which was the attacks of 9/11, . . . When discussing these anti-terror laws we should ask ourselves, what was 9/11? And what is terrorism?”

Fujita pointed out that, “So far the only thing the government has said is that we think it was caused by al-Qaeda because President Bush told us so. We have not seen any real proof that it was al-Qaeda.” He reminded parliament that twenty-four Japanese citizens were killed on 9/11, yet the mandate of a criminal investigation by the Japanese government never followed. “This is a crime so surely an investigation needs to be carried out,” said Fujita (Censored 2008, #16).

Fujita went on extensively to ask “about the suspicious information being uncovered and the doubts people worldwide are having about the events of 9/11.”

The Japanese parliament viewed several slides from the Pentagon and World Trade Center (WTC) sites as Fujita explained each. The slides showed evidence inconsistent with official explanation: damage in and around the Pentagon was not consistent with the damage a 757 airplane would cause. Fujita noted, “Also, there were more than eighty security cameras at the Pentagon, but officials have refused to release the footage. In any case, as you have just seen, there is no picture of the airplane or of its wreckage in any of these photographs. It is very strange that no such pictures have been shown to us.” A US Air Force official corroborated the fact that the plane executed a U-turn and avoided the Defense Secretary’s office, a feat that would be impossible for an unskilled first-time pilot to maneuver; and no air defense was made in the ninety-minute interval between the initial impact of the planes at the WTC and the Pentagon. Fujita added, “It is baffling that no flight records were found at any of four sites.” On the ground at the WTC sites, both sounds and visual evidence from explosions were verified. Flying debris shot out as far as 150 meters consistent with buildings exploding. A New York fireman during rescue operations confirmed that a series of explosions resembled a professional demolition, and a Japanese survivor heard explosions while fleeing the site. The World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), forty-seven stories high and located one block away, collapsed into its footprint, seven hours after the main WTC buildings were attacked, in five or six seconds, although no plane struck it and it had minimal fire damage. Not only did the 9/11 Commission fail to mention WTC 7, but the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made no mention of it in their reports.

Fujita went on to detail proof of insider trading from September 6 through 8, when investors executed “put options” to sell stock in United and American Airlines at a fixed price. Finance specialist Keiichiro Asao responded with confirmation that such complex transaction would be the work of insiders rather than al-Qaeda.

Fujita then addressed Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, “I would like to know why the Prime Minister thinks it was the Taliban who was responsible for 9/11.” He continued, “We need to go back to the beginning and not just simply and blindly trust the US government explanation and indirect information provided by them. . . . We need to look at this evidence and ask ourselves what the war on terrorism really is. . . . We need to ask who the real victims of this war on terrorism are. I think the citizens of the world are its victims.”

“Prime Minister,” Fujita continued, “what about the origin of the War on Terror and the idea of whether it is right or wrong to participate in it? Is there really a reason to participate in this War on Terror?”

Fujita received support for concluding that the reason for participating in the US War on Terror needs to be investigated and analyzed. Opposition blocked the extension of Japan’s anti-terror law and colleagues acknowledged his bravery with congratulatory phone calls.

This came to an end in mid-January when, after months of parliamentary debates and the opposition of at least 50 percent of the Japanese public, Fukuda rammed the anti-terror bill through parliament. After the bill was voted down by opposition in the Upper House plenary session on January 12, the government resubmitted it later that same day to the Lower House, where the ruling conservative party holds the majority, and turned a bill into a law. Thus, they overturned a veto in the Upper House.

This is the first time in half a century that a Japanese government has resorted to such tactics—deemed a drastic measure by Japanese standards.1

According to Christopher W. Hughes, professor of politics and international studies at University of Warwick, “Fukuda’s government was under a lot of US pressure to re-deploy ships, and even if he was always somewhat doubtful about the importance of the mission in military terms and the whole US War on Terror, he perceived passing the bill as very important to US-Japan relations. This was also impressed upon him by a personal meeting with US President Bush.”


1. Axel Berkofsky, “Japan: The Deployment Dilemma,” International Relations and Security Network, January 24, 2008.


If you still believe that the English language corporate media is free, take a look behind the scenes at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ) and think again.

I was a member of that club for over two decades, but I had no clue about what it really represented until I tried to stage a press conference about 9/11. From that point on all sorts of nasty things started to happen and I suddenly realized the place seemed more like a nest of spies than a club for journalists.

For example, people I did not know tried to have me evicted from the club, e-mails vanished from my inbox before I got to read them, and people started to spread the word that I had mental issues.

The list of insults to press freedom at the club since that initial conference is too long to write about in detail here, so I will merely cite the most recent example.

Yukihisa Fujita, a member of parliament for the opposition Democratic Party, in a parliamentary debate broadcast nationwide on NHK, asked Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda about many of the glaring discrepancies in the official US government explanation of what happened on 9/11. A member of parliament in Japan, a US ally, showed powerful evidence on national TV that the US government murdered 3,000 of its own citizens as well as people from Japan and many other nations. I suggested we call him for a press conference, and nine working journalists—representing a potential audience of billions—agreed. Usually, only three or more yes votes from working journalists is enough for an event to go ahead. Despite this, the Wall Street Journal’s James Sims, head of the Professional Activities Committee (PAC), in confederation with FCCJ President Martyn Williams, vetoed the event even though it was subject matter that they, as technical journalists, do not cover. They vetoed it in violation of Article 3 of the club bylaws that call for press freedom. Not only that, they kicked me off the PAC in a blatant attempt to shut me up.

Fujita has since been invited to speak to the EU parliament and many other venues. Fujita has been given a chance to ask more questions in parliament, and many Japanese news magazines have written about his activities. Books about 9/11 are also selling well in Japan. A growing group of Japanese politicians has become aware of what really happened on that day. The Japanese government itself actually knows the truth and is starting to affect the US–Japan alliance in fundamental ways. The Japanese government’s formal replies to Fujita’s questions show it is becoming increasingly suspicious that the US government murdered over twenty Japanese citizens. The long-term repercussions for US security could be huge.

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.*Is China A Racist Country?  robpongi05/02/12 04:21 PM
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.*Jon Stewart on "Chensanity" in China  robpongi05/04/12 04:54 PM
.*Yodeler Takeo Ishi Sings "New Bibi-chicken"  robpongi05/06/12 01:40 AM
.*High Level Asian Photographers in Action  robpongi05/06/12 04:56 PM
.*Hong Kong Speed Dating "Dinner With Foreigners"  robpongi05/07/12 09:40 PM
.*China's "Most Beautiful" McDonalds Restaurant  robpongi05/08/12 09:46 PM
.*NSFW Japanese Program Squeezes Out Breast Milk  robpongi05/09/12 10:18 PM
.*NMA TV 3D News on John Travolta Lawsuit  robpongi05/10/12 10:25 PM
.*New Photo of Supermodel Li Ying Zhi  robpongi05/12/12 01:21 AM
.*Julie Watai & Toyoaki Mishima Photo  robpongi05/13/12 06:38 PM
.*Re: Julie Watai & Toyoaki Mishima Photo  infidel05/14/12 10:33 AM
.*Re: Julie Watai & Toyoaki Mishima Photo  robpongi05/15/12 08:02 PM
.*Why, China Why? Because China #6  robpongi05/15/12 08:03 PM
.*Japanese Girls Go Wild Over Monk Hunks  robpongi05/17/12 01:28 PM
.*Photo of Takeshi Kitano & His Statue  robpongi05/17/12 07:36 PM
.*Re: Photo of Takeshi Kitano & His Statue  infidel05/21/12 01:57 PM
.*Re: Photo of Takeshi Kitano & His Statue  robpongi05/21/12 05:34 PM
.*Fisherman in Yingxi China Photo  robpongi05/21/12 05:35 PM
.*Trailer for Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac" Movie  robpongi05/22/12 01:51 PM
.*New Photo of Supermodel Li Ying Zhi #2  robpongi05/23/12 11:49 PM
.*Re: New Photo of Supermodel Li Ying Zhi #2  infidel05/24/12 01:12 PM
.*Re: New Photo of Supermodel Li Ying Zhi #2  robpongi05/25/12 06:05 PM
.*Julie Watai in New Music Video  robpongi05/25/12 06:06 PM
.*Japan's First Banana Vending Machine Photo  robpongi05/26/12 01:24 PM
.*Re: Japan's First Banana Vending Machine Photo  infidel05/27/12 01:48 AM
.*Re: Japan's First Banana Vending Machine Photo  robpongi05/27/12 03:03 PM
.*Japan's Remote Controlled Cockroaches  robpongi05/27/12 03:04 PM
.*Hardware Girls Idol & Singer Yun*Chi   robpongi05/28/12 00:04 AM
.*The Great Wall of China Photo  robpongi05/29/12 00:48 AM
.*mishmash*Julie Watai "Veiled by Reverb" 2nd Single  robpongi05/29/12 08:08 PM
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.*WTF Japanese Zombie Face Eater Bento  robpongi06/15/12 09:04 PM
.*This is Japanese TV. That is All.  robpongi06/17/12 01:39 PM
.*Re: This is Japanese TV. That is All.  infidel06/17/12 03:16 PM
.*Re: This is Japanese TV. That is All.  robpongi06/17/12 10:44 PM
.*Buy A North Korean Bride Only $50,000!!!  robpongi06/19/12 01:38 AM
.*Because China: Telephone Pole Repair Work  robpongi06/19/12 04:39 PM
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.*Photo of Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet  robpongi06/22/12 04:00 PM
.*Sexy Chinese Models Teach Sexy Mandarin  robpongi06/24/12 01:21 AM
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.*Ta Prohm Temple in Angkor Cambodia  robpongi06/28/12 11:18 PM
.*Godzilla Actor Haruo Nakajima Photo  robpongi07/01/12 11:50 PM
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.*Son Doong Cave in Vietnam World's Largest  robpongi07/07/12 10:26 PM
.*Japan's Forever Alone Virtual Girlfriend Dating  robpongi07/08/12 03:18 PM
.*Shanhaiguan: Where The Great Wall Meets The Sea  robpongi07/08/12 11:51 PM
.*David Bowie & Axl Rose Photo  robpongi07/12/12 00:45 AM
.*mishmash*Julie Watai Release 3rd Single  robpongi07/12/12 11:38 PM
.*Because China "HFC Hitler Fried Citizens"  robpongi07/15/12 07:02 PM
.*China Bee-Wearing Contest Photo  robpongi07/16/12 09:58 PM
.*Chinese F.A.P. Police Car Photo  robpongi07/18/12 01:33 AM
.*Japanese Woman & US Soldier 1946 Japan Photo  robpongi07/19/12 08:22 PM
.*Photo of Red Beach Near Panjin City China  robpongi07/21/12 08:47 PM
.*John Lennon & George Harrison Japan 1966  robpongi07/25/12 03:31 PM
.*Japanese TV Fishing = Tentacle Porn (NSFW)  robpongi07/26/12 11:32 PM
.*NMA TV On Kim Jong Un's 'New' Wife  robpongi07/27/12 01:26 PM
.*WTF Overkill Eye Makeup In Taiwan  robpongi07/28/12 05:42 PM
.*Kim Jong Il & Om Yun Chol Win Olympic Gold!  robpongi07/30/12 08:07 PM
.*Chinese Army Kills Asian Hornets' Nest With Fire  robpongi08/01/12 01:54 PM
.*Re: Chinese Army Kills Asian Hornets' Nest With Fire  infidel08/03/12 04:23 AM
.*Re: Chinese Army Kills Asian Hornets' Nest With Fire  robpongi08/04/12 03:34 PM
.*1996 Mario Kart 64 Japanese TV Commercial  robpongi08/04/12 03:35 PM
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.*Superstar Olympic Wrestler Kim Jong Un  robpongi08/10/12 10:01 PM
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.*Taiwan's First Buddhist Same-Sex Marriage  robpongi08/14/12 11:56 PM
.*North Korean Concentration Camp Drawings  robpongi08/17/12 00:16 AM
.*Re: North Korean Concentration Camp Drawings  robpongi08/17/12 01:23 PM
.*Because China: New McMansion Penthouses!  robpongi08/18/12 05:31 PM
.*Re: Because China: New McMansion Penthouses!  infidel08/19/12 12:17 PM
.*Re: Because China: New McMansion Penthouses!  robpongi08/19/12 02:05 PM
.*Premiere of "Camp 14 - Total Control Zone"  robpongi08/19/12 02:06 PM
.*1st Annual Chinese Bikini Cow Girl Contest  robpongi08/20/12 03:12 PM
.*Because China: The Big Blue Ploice Truck  robpongi08/21/12 05:09 PM
.*Re: Because China: The Big Blue Ploice Truck  infidel08/22/12 01:18 PM
.*Re: Because China: The Big Blue Ploice Truck  robpongi08/24/12 03:27 PM
.*"Bonsai B" by Takanori Aiba  robpongi08/24/12 03:28 PM
.*Taiwan's Kaohsiung Stadium 100% Solar Powered  robpongi08/28/12 10:14 PM
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.*Riddle of the day.  infidel09/21/12 02:21 PM
.*Re: Riddle of the day.  robpongi09/21/12 08:07 PM
.*Re: Riddle of the day.  robpongi09/21/12 08:08 PM
.*'Comrade Kim Goes Flying' DPRK Movie  robpongi09/24/12 02:37 PM
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.*Japan ....... to go or not to go?  infidel10/12/12 05:14 AM
.*Re: Japan ....... to go or not to go?  robpongi10/13/12 07:23 PM
.*Japan's Mount Fuji Chaotic Eruption Warning  robpongi10/13/12 07:25 PM
.*Julie Watai w/ Headphones by Dr Dre & e-earphone  robpongi10/17/12 11:08 AM
.*mishmash*Julie Watai Debut Live Photos  robpongi10/19/12 00:30 AM
.*Julie Watai @ Portable Audio Festival 2012  robpongi10/21/12 10:36 PM
.*Re: Julie Watai @ Portable Audio Festival 2012  infidel10/22/12 03:59 AM
.*Re: Julie Watai @ Portable Audio Festival 2012  robpongi10/24/12 02:04 PM
.*mishmash*Julie Watai Release "Go Furby Go"  robpongi10/24/12 02:05 PM
.*Chairman Meow Says: "Dog my cats if I want!"  robpongi10/27/12 10:25 PM
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.*Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!  robpongi11/03/12 10:47 PM
.*Re: Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!  infidel11/05/12 12:00 PM
.*Re: Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!  robpongi11/10/12 00:26 AM
.*Chinese Supermodel Li Ying Zhi w/ Pink Hair  robpongi11/10/12 00:27 AM
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.*Re: China's New Auto "Babes" Bikini Models  infidel11/19/12 04:20 AM
.*Re: China's New Auto "Babes" Bikini Models  robpongi11/21/12 03:03 AM
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.*Re: NSFW Chinese Fap Club Group Photos  infidel12/18/12 11:48 AM
.*Re: NSFW Chinese Fap Club Group Photos  robpongi12/19/12 03:01 AM
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.*Take it off !  infidel12/26/12 09:39 AM
.*Re: Take it off !  robpongi12/27/12 03:09 AM
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.*Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei  robpongi02/26/13 10:58 PM
.*Re: Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei  infidel02/27/13 10:22 PM
.*Re: Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei  robpongi03/04/13 05:39 PM
.*Tokyo David Bowie Cafe Opening Soon!  robpongi03/07/13 01:47 AM
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.*Re: Chinese Model Jin Mei Xin New Photos  ghostlove03/23/13 05:13 PM
.*Re: Chinese Model Jin Mei Xin New Photos  robpongi03/26/13 03:53 PM
.*North Korean English Porno Story  robpongi03/26/13 03:54 PM
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.*The All New RobPongi.com Site is Up!  robpongi05/31/13 10:29 PM
.*Re: The All New RobPongi.com Site is Up!  infidel06/01/13 05:18 AM
.*DOUMO ARIGATOU!!! :D  robpongi06/02/13 04:03 PM
.*"Tube Spheres" by Rob Pongi  robpongi06/05/13 02:53 PM
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.*Re: Meanwhile Sony Pwns Xbox w/ New PS4  robpongi06/14/13 00:29 AM
.*Vice, Rodman, Globetrotters Meet DPRK Players  robpongi06/15/13 07:22 PM
.*Re: Vice, Rodman, Globetrotters Meet DPRK Players  robpongi06/18/13 10:45 PM
.*Meanwhile back on Japanese TV.......   robpongi06/23/13 11:18 PM
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.*Mother & Baby Panda Rejoined @ Taipei Zoo  robpongi08/13/13 09:28 PM
.*Re: Mother & Baby Panda Rejoined @ Taipei Zoo  infidel08/23/13 01:17 PM
.*Re: Mother & Baby Panda Rejoined @ Taipei Zoo  robpongi08/25/13 01:09 AM
.*Edward Snowden Short Film From Hong Kong  robpongi08/25/13 01:10 AM
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.*Taipei Zoo Pandas Yuan Yuan and Yuanzai Part 2  robpongi10/25/13 11:20 PM
.*Re: Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei *DELETED* *DELETED*  robpongi03/04/13 05:35 PM
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.*Re: Japan's First Banana Vending Machine Photo  infidel05/27/12 01:47 AM
.*Re: Visit New North Korea Best Korea!  robpongi04/08/12 12:41 PM
.*Re: Somewhere in Southern China...  infidel02/10/12 06:22 AM
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.*Re: 'Bruno' scenes debut at South by Southwest  robpongi04/06/09 02:27 PM
.*Ron Paul's crazy cameo in the upcoming Bruno movie  robpongi04/03/09 02:51 AM
.*Boy George is sentenced to 15 months in jail  robpongi01/17/09 03:45 AM
.*Re: Boy George is sentenced to 15 months in jail  JarethsGirl01/17/09 09:40 AM
.*Re: Boy George is sentenced to 15 months in jail  robpongi01/22/09 10:46 AM
.*Re: Boy George is sentenced to 15 months in jail  JarethsGirl01/22/09 12:24 PM
.*Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week  JarethsGirl10/06/08 10:51 PM
.*Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week  robpongi10/08/08 10:41 AM
.*Bakka gaijin  Remade/Remodeled10/08/08 11:22 AM
.*How Japan Could Save the World  robpongi02/08/09 04:25 AM
.*Re: Bakka gaijin  robpongi10/16/08 10:41 PM
.*Re: Bakka gaijin  infidel10/21/08 10:29 AM
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.*Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week  robpongi09/27/08 06:25 AM
.*The Beer Store @ The End of The Rainbow (PIC)  robpongi10/06/08 02:24 PM
.*W.........T.........F......!!!!!!!!  robpongi07/23/08 04:32 PM
.*Re: "REAL WORLD" by Natsuo Kirino - NYTi  Adam07/23/08 03:43 PM
.*Discovering Japan  robpongi07/23/08 04:58 PM
.*Re: "REAL WORLD" by Natsuo Kirino - NYTi  ghostlove07/23/08 04:08 PM
.*"Real World" First Chapter  robpongi07/23/08 05:30 AM
.*New York Joke  robpongi07/23/08 05:26 AM
.*The Smoking Gun Backstage: Iggy Pop  robpongi05/30/08 11:19 AM
.*Music Rules: Top 10 FREE Music Websites  robpongi05/11/08 08:15 AM
.*This Mob Is Big in Japan  robpongi05/11/08 01:04 PM
.*Very Cool Japanese Graffiti  robpongi05/12/08 06:49 AM
.*Nude Japanese Jack Off Manga Statue: $3-4 MILLION!  robpongi05/14/08 07:48 PM
.*Re: Mother  Strawman02/25/08 10:59 AM
.*Re: Mother  robpongi02/24/08 11:25 PM
.*Re: DON'T MISS THIS VIDEO!!!!  robpongi02/23/08 08:51 AM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  Diamond Frog11/27/07 08:31 AM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  robpongi02/22/08 09:06 AM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  Diamond Frog02/22/08 12:27 PM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  robpongi02/23/08 08:20 AM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  Diamond Frog02/24/08 06:04 PM
.*Re: John Lennon video collection to be digital rel  Strawman02/24/08 06:51 PM
.*Re: "The Golden Pavilion Video" - Big Hit in  too_dozy07/23/07 00:19 AM
.*Re: Rob Pongi now in The Celebrity Search Engine  Atonalexpress05/27/06 01:11 AM
.*Re: Rob Pongi now in The Celebrity Search Engine  robpongi05/27/06 02:42 AM
.*Re: Rob Pongi now in The Celebrity Search Engine  Atonalexpress05/27/06 05:13 AM
.*Some research statistics  robpongi05/27/06 02:24 PM
.*Re: Some research statistics  robpongi06/25/06 05:44 AM
.*"Rob Pongi" now listed in Star Seeker  robpongi07/01/06 12:33 PM
.*"Sunset Bay"  robpongi07/11/06 03:42 AM
.*Rob Pongi Admitted into Clago.com   robpongi07/12/06 09:06 PM
.*Asia Entertainment Online Listed in WOW Directory  robpongi07/15/06 01:36 PM
.*"Meadows Love Song" Video  robpongi07/17/06 09:42 PM
.*Tokyo Dome Beer Girls Tribute Video  robpongi07/20/06 02:43 AM
.*Tokyo Nights Highlights #9  robpongi08/01/06 02:52 PM
.*Re: Tokyo Nights Highlights #9  ghostlove08/01/06 10:55 PM
.*Re: Tokyo Nights Highlights #9  robpongi08/03/06 03:03 PM
.*Shamisen Player Video #2  robpongi08/03/06 03:06 PM
.*Rob Pongi Portrait Featured on Bowienet  robpongi08/03/06 09:18 PM
.*Japanese Women Looking For Foreign Friends #12  robpongi08/05/06 08:10 PM
.*TOKYO DOME BEER GIRLS - Best Video of The Week!  robpongi08/06/06 06:36 PM
.*Tokyo Nuclear Attack Video  robpongi08/19/06 03:19 AM
.*enigma  looking glass08/21/06 05:11 PM
.*HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  robpongi08/22/06 11:25 PM
.*Rob Pongi Admitted Into The Celebrity Zone  robpongi08/22/06 11:34 PM
.*Re: Rob Pongi now in The Celebrity Search Engine  robpongi05/27/06 08:01 AM
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