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01/05/05 04:14 PM
okay, i resisted... till now... [re: blacktropic84]  

When you became a Bowie fan?
Does listening to Under Pressure while being in a Queen-mania count? Then it would be something like 17. Buying Let's Dance was around the same time but the real Bowie I discovered with 19 when getting Outside.

When you moved from your parents' house? 25. I am such a loser.

When you started masturbating? i did not write it down, since my hands were to sticky afterwards... I guess it was something about 14. And it still seems a bit unhealthy to me how much efford I put in finding out what's possible :-/

When you lost your virginity? depends. if you count an orgasm-supporting-activity with some other person it was with 21 and fun. If you mean sticking organs into other organs it was with 25 and much less fun than i expected. However, I guess the first REAL sex I head - which for me mainly depends on having fun and the wish of causing fun as well - i had two weeks ago.

When you got your drivers license? 18

When you got married? Never had a relationship.

When you had your first child? tba

When you joined TW? 21 or something. pretty much the year before i got internet at home. i found TW at the library.

When you replied to this thread? 26

1. when did you realise you were gay/bi? define "realise". Does it include accepting it as well as the fact that it won't go away as much as one wished to? then probably 24 or something. If it is just the suspicion one could be one of them it was with 15 or 16.

2. when you first left your country? 4 or 5, Bornholm.

3. when you got the job u work at now? four months ago. and it slowly starts to be fun, though i doubt i will be here much longer than 2/05.

4. When did you first catch your parents having sex? thank god i never did, since i am much more polite than my parents, which means i have enough manners to knock at the door before entering a room and such.

5. When did you first try an illegal substance? well, i think i tried a cigarette when i was 7 or something. at that age tobacco is illegal... other than that i never felt the urge of losing control more than i do without the support of restricted substances.

And just in case somebody still wants to contribute:

When was the first time you had to change your job?

Are you bad enough?

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