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(stardust savant)
05/03/05 08:33 PM
I thought it was elephants that never forgot [re: SoulLoveChild]  

... but clearly old cows have trouble too

In reply to:

2) Why does Remade/Remodeled hate The Deuce so much?

The Deuce met his financee, dearlady, on TW. He was 22 and she was 18. I think at the time they met she was 17 so R/R accused him of being a net stalking paedophile. Mike and Andrea are still together to this day

While it's nice to be the subject of a question, I have to make the following comments:

A.) I'm not the only one that was opposed to him.

B.) I'm not even the first to be opposed to him.

C.) I wasn't even the most opposed to him (I at least enjoyed having him around for sport).

D.) That's not the only reason I was opposed to him. WhitePrisms comment about faking stomach cancer was a large part of it, as was his repeated lecherous advances toward many young, impressionable TW females before finally finding one stupid enough to hook up with him.

He really, really disgusted me and I'm glad he doesn't come round here anymore.

Stu, I had hoped you were dead.

Shane McGowan: I could have been someone
Kirsty MacColl: Well, so could anyone...

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.*(Hopefully) My last post on this thread  White Prism02/01/05 02:52 PM
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.*Re: so old i don't care anymore!  SoulLoveChild01/31/05 04:49 PM
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.*Titles.  SysiyoModerator01/31/05 12:39 PM
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.*Round Up  White Prism01/31/05 04:21 PM
.*Re: Round Up  SysiyoModerator02/01/05 05:05 AM
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.*Re: Stuff that's not bad to dredge up  SysiyoModerator01/27/05 04:12 PM
.*Re: Stuff that's not bad to dredge up  SysiyoModerator01/27/05 04:17 PM
.*I heart this game  WildWind01/28/05 12:29 PM
.*Re: I heart this game  SoulLoveChild01/29/05 00:34 AM
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.*Re: I heart this game  GFried01/28/05 09:02 PM
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.*Round 'em up!  Marquis01/28/05 07:29 PM
.*Try catching up with this thread...  NoGame02/08/05 09:57 AM
.*Re: Round 'em up!  RabbitFighter01/28/05 08:02 PM
.*Re: Round 'em up!  orcajenn01/28/05 07:47 PM
.*Plus you're hotter than Lexie and Beltene combined  Marquis01/28/05 08:04 PM
.*Am I still awake?  RabbitFighter01/28/05 08:23 PM
.*Re: I heart this game  white rabbit01/28/05 03:51 PM
.*Who we were  power2charm01/28/05 01:14 PM
.*cheap plastic toys  Ruskie04/03/05 01:03 AM
.*Re: tight whites!  Anonymous04/04/05 10:15 AM
.*Ah came ta plaaaaaaay!  Wraith201/28/05 01:03 PM
.*I *am* black, you blind motherfucker  twister02/08/05 12:05 PM
.*Turn On With Me  EJSundayModerator02/08/05 05:35 PM
.*Re: Turn On With Me  SoulLoveChild02/09/05 04:19 AM
.*Re: Turn On With Me  SysiyoModerator02/08/05 06:04 PM
.*Re: Turn On With Me  EJSundayModerator02/08/05 06:49 PM
.*Re: Turn On With Me  SysiyoModerator02/09/05 12:32 PM
.*Re: Turn On With Me  Emil02/09/05 02:34 AM
.*Re: At least Twister - never...............  Anonymous02/08/05 01:57 PM
.*Thread. Read. Good.  WildWind02/08/05 04:11 PM
.*more  Emil02/01/05 05:00 AM
.*Re: more  Rose_Stardust02/04/05 07:40 AM
.*Stalkin 'bout Fiona  Emil02/04/05 08:06 AM
.*Great thread  Emilio02/04/05 11:49 AM
.*Re: more  pablopicasso02/01/05 07:27 AM
.*Re: more  RabbitFighter02/01/05 07:39 AM
.*Re: more  Emil02/01/05 07:50 AM
.*Re: more  RabbitFighter02/01/05 08:01 AM
.*Re: Ah came ta plaaaaaaay!  beatled01/29/05 12:20 PM
.*Number 7's lucky in Japan  Wraith201/29/05 12:56 PM
.*Questions  eraserhead01/27/05 04:52 PM
.*He's much bigger than you think  Wraith201/27/05 07:52 PM
.*We Kill Soap Scum  Marquis01/27/05 06:50 PM
.*So much of what's forgotten isn't worth a 2nd look  power2charm01/27/05 03:35 PM
.*Re: So much of what's forgotten isn't worth a 2nd look  SoulLove7201/31/05 10:12 PM
.*fun! fun! fun!  AdamAdministrator01/27/05 07:03 PM
.*Adam doesn't know all!  WildWind01/27/05 07:18 PM
.*Memory lane is such fun  WildWind01/27/05 03:42 PM
.*Re: Memory lane is such fun  SoulLoveChild01/29/05 00:25 AM
.*Note to self: Buy May issue of Playboy  power2charm01/27/05 03:53 PM
.*Rose tinted...  EuropeanCanon01/27/05 07:18 PM
.*I have got to stop posting in this thread  WildWind01/27/05 07:21 PM
.*This ain't blacktropic's TW (thankfully)  power2charm01/27/05 08:23 PM
.*Re: This ain't blacktropic's TW (thankfully)  tv eye01/28/05 02:14 AM
.*Memory meets cannibus, guess who wins?  Marquis01/27/05 08:11 PM
.*yak butter statues  white rabbit01/27/05 11:58 PM
.*You, of all people should know it's spelt cannabis  Wraith201/27/05 10:14 PM
.*I was referring to the Portland, OR mass transit!  Marquis01/27/05 10:21 PM
.*Re: Memory meets cannibus, guess who wins?  orcajenn01/27/05 08:21 PM
.*Re: Ghosts are born  eraserhead01/27/05 12:18 PM
.*Re: The TW Old Guard, II  AdamAdministrator01/27/05 10:14 AM
.*Re: The TW Old Guard, II  SysiyoModerator01/27/05 09:19 AM
.*I score 6/11  White Prism01/27/05 07:23 AM
.*I score 0/11  Dara01/27/05 08:00 AM
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