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looking glass
09/08/05 12:09 PM
on cornwood [re: WildWind]  

i had tickets to a cheap trick/alice cooper show in long island, but it was FAR too out of my travel range to attend. i'm bound by the NYC trains. i'm sorry i missed it.

speaking of the city- last night, i was witness to the spectacle of Jandek in concert, and even though i figured it would be an unsustainable and ironic concert to attend, it was absolutely amazing...

\the venue was an art gallery in brooklyn called carrol gardens- small and almost castle-like, with a near jungle area outside to walk through on the way in. as we sat down on rugs in a room that could barely hold one hundred people, those of us to the left were asked to move to the side after a representative from Cornwood industries gave a quick introduction. a trapdoor opened below where we were sitting and up rose two musicians, a long haired lanky man and a younger bald man in a red shirt. Jandek followed afterwards, clad in all black with a cross between a fedora and a cowboy had atop his head. he rose from the trapdoor as if he was ascending from some cinderblock laced hell. they took the stage, and as he 'tuned' his guitar ((to pitches that didn't blend)), the man in the red shirt took to the drum kit and the long haired gentleman picked up the contrabass. the set began.

each song was not the harrowed whisperings and potentially unpleasant sounds that can be heard on most of the man's recordings. instead, each one was a near ten-minute avant-garde epic. the drummer, between bowing cymbals and using interesting percussion elements in his kit ((an iron bowl, for example)), kept an off rhythm yet driving beat as the songs grew in intensity. the contrabass-player attacked his instrument with both bow and fingers, often times bowing below the bridge or smacking the wood around while holding chords.

Jandek himself was perhaps the most haunting person i've ever seen with my eyes. his face was shrunken, naturally the sign of age, as he strummed his guitar out of tune and up and down, occasionally finding a groove and then instantly losing it with intention. the vocals were mostly spoken word, intense tales or even silly exchanges between two people. once in a blue moon, his voice rose high and mighty as the music picked up, near shrieking with intensity.

as fascinating as it was to watch the men at play, the shadows they left behind them ((intentionally created by some interesting light fixtures around the stage)) were just as entrancing to watch.

the set was almost an hour and forty five minutes long. men and women in the audience remained near-captivated the entire time... only opening their mouths and making an awful amount of sound in between songs, as Jandek shuffled papers around a music stand, most likely containing words- but who knows? he never said a word other than the words he was speaking/singing. not a single utterance otherwise... after the show, he descended back below through the trapdoor, seemingly returning to the 'hell' he emerged from. he didn't look anyone in the eye, nor make contact with anyone standing right nearby. and that was that.

though the man let us into his world for the first time in his 30 year career, he still retains that immense and intense shroud of mystery.

"I'll make you happy, baby
Just wait and see
For every kiss you give me
I'll give you three"

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.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  ARoaringAura04/22/03 01:04 PM
.*Did somebody request a Cat Power review?  TactfulCactus7204/25/03 01:37 AM
.*Re: Did somebody request a Cat Power review?  Paris06/14/03 08:54 PM
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.*barely off the ground  Chichikov04/22/03 04:39 PM
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.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  beatled04/05/03 10:17 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  beatled07/05/03 07:48 PM
.*I am trying to make you love me  power2charm07/08/03 12:54 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  revidescent07/07/03 00:50 AM
.*Gaz the Nazz  Marquis07/30/03 09:56 AM
.*Chi-town.  StrangeDrugs08/02/03 12:53 PM
.*Eels  thomaswood08/02/03 01:01 PM
.*Appeasing your Moderator  Marquis08/02/03 12:59 PM
.*Re: Gaz the Nazz  Coldfyr07/31/03 01:54 AM
.*Re: Gaz the Nazz  beatled07/31/03 03:43 PM
.*Nothing else matters, cos we're together again  power2charm10/27/03 09:37 PM
.*mature attitudes to new music  SoulLoveChild10/28/03 09:22 PM
.*Only p2c could find a clap annoying  Marquis10/28/03 02:44 AM
.*Warren the Bat-Spider  Wraith208/02/03 07:18 PM
.*before the dirty 3 there was Venus in Furs.....  SoulLoveChild10/26/03 05:44 PM
.*Re: Warren the Bat-Spider  StrangeDrugs08/07/03 11:20 AM
.*Re: Warren the Bat-Spider  magdelene08/07/03 01:52 PM
.*Re: Warren the Bat-Spider  StrangeDrugs08/07/03 01:55 PM
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.*Not That Much My Cup  EJSunday08/25/03 05:45 AM
.*Re: Not That Much My Cup  darkling7408/25/03 02:13 PM
.*Re: Not That Much My Cup  RealThing08/25/03 02:48 PM
.*Re: Not That Much My Cup  cracked08/25/03 05:25 PM
.*Friday night.  Tristan08/02/03 10:51 AM
.*We like the same band!  power2charm04/18/03 12:57 PM
.*Summer Days, had me a blast...  power2charm05/21/03 12:40 PM
.*Switcheroo  Marquis05/21/03 09:49 PM
.*Summer concerts in full swing!  skeezix05/30/03 10:44 PM
.*Re: Summer concerts in full swing!  RealThing05/31/03 12:03 PM
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.*Re: Summer concerts in full swing!  the ethereal dawn05/31/03 02:46 PM
.*Re: Summer concerts in full swing!  Xander05/31/03 03:01 PM
.*The Lady Was Here  EJSunday05/21/03 01:32 PM
.*I will throw my undies to her  power2charm05/21/03 01:38 PM
.*Re: We like the same band!  beatled04/18/03 01:40 PM
.*Neil Young  AdamModerator04/18/03 02:01 PM
.*Re: Neil Young  T.J. Newton04/22/03 11:51 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  AdamModerator04/18/03 12:24 PM
.*None worth mentioning  Remade/Remodeled04/03/03 06:54 PM
.*Re: None worth mentioning  Coldfyr04/03/03 10:24 PM
.*Re: None worth mentioning  ARoaringAura04/03/03 10:44 PM
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.*Re: None worth mentioning  ARoaringAura04/03/03 11:07 PM
.*Re: None worth mentioning  Coldfyr04/03/03 11:58 PM
.*King Crimson  permafrost04/04/03 01:47 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  revidescent03/21/03 07:17 PM
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.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Tennille03/21/03 10:36 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Starlite03/21/03 10:44 AM
.*Bang your head  StrangeDrugs03/21/03 11:18 AM
.*Re: Bang your head  RealThing03/21/03 01:04 PM
.*I've got a tender heart   White Rabbit03/21/03 10:31 AM
.*show withdrawals  narcissus02/03/03 11:55 PM
.*Re: show withdrawals  96dbFreak02/04/03 00:48 AM
.*no fuckin fair!  Glitterbot02/04/03 05:10 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Claude02/03/03 04:12 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Tristan02/03/03 04:23 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Claude02/03/03 05:17 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Glitterbot02/03/03 04:14 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  noepie02/03/03 05:34 AM
.*marianne faithful  AdamModerator02/03/03 03:31 AM
.*First one since Bowie  WildWind02/02/03 11:34 PM
.*woo  QueenDice02/03/03 01:48 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  StardustJunior01/30/03 05:07 PM
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.*Cold = Lazy  Marquis01/30/03 01:34 PM
.*funtimes  Marquis04/02/03 11:53 AM
.*I saw...  Arlequino04/02/03 12:01 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  andro gene01/30/03 09:30 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  BaldAssassin01/30/03 10:35 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Trash01/30/03 06:12 AM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  the ethereal dawn01/29/03 10:05 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  SoulLoveChild01/29/03 09:08 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  AdamModerator01/29/03 10:04 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  SoulLoveChild01/30/03 07:51 AM
.*Kraftwerksmuseét  Sysiyo01/30/03 06:59 AM
.*Re: Kraftwerksmuseét  AdamModerator01/30/03 09:22 AM
.*Re: Kraftwerksmuseét  Sysiyo02/03/03 04:01 AM
.*Re: Kraftwerksmuseét  AdamModerator02/03/03 06:43 AM
.*Re: Kraftwerksmuseét  96dbFreak02/03/03 05:22 PM
.*Leben ist zeitlös / Europa endlös  Sysiyo02/03/03 06:57 AM
.*Re: Leben ist zeitlös / Europa endlös  Anonymous02/03/03 04:58 PM
.*Radioactivity, is in the air for you and me  Sysiyo02/04/03 02:57 AM
.*Boing Boom Tschak  White Rabbit02/03/03 03:02 PM
.*Re: Boing Boom Tschak  Marquis02/03/03 04:27 PM
.*Re: Leben ist zeitlös / Europa endlös  AdamModerator02/03/03 08:42 AM
.*Re: Kraftwerksmuseét  Dun201/30/03 06:29 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  96dbFreak01/29/03 10:21 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  96dbFreak01/29/03 09:20 PM
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.*Badly Drawn Boy...  Tin01/29/03 07:55 PM
.*Re: Badly Drawn Boy...  johnnysitar01/29/03 08:13 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  Kayori01/29/03 07:03 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  mudley01/29/03 07:05 PM
.*Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately?  johnnysitar01/29/03 07:41 PM
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