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(stardust savant)
11/27/05 02:19 AM
Minister Monkeyboy, or, Let's get ordained!  

So I went to a party tonight where I someone informed me they recently got ordained online so that they could officiate at a friend's wedding. I've heard of these instant online ordinations before, but I wasn't sure if they were legal.

Apparently--they are.

Cheap, too. You can get ordained as a minister or reverend for free at Universal Life Church, or for $19.95 at Progressive Universal Life Church, but that includes a certificate and a wallet license. And you can officially perform all ministerial duties (weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc) in all 50 states, with the exception of New York City.

The only thing they ask is that you promote freedom of religion, which, you know, is far less ethically problematic than what most contracts ask.

So how about it? Anyone else up for some instant ordination?

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