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03/08/06 07:37 PM
A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum  

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Thread Title: Are the Gay's disappointed

ricko in mesquite: I was prepared all week by the experts on TV and radio that Homo on the range was going to sweep the oscars.

Keynes31: My friend who's most involved with the gay community (a very political way of saying 'My very gayest friend') thought Capote was the movie that gay men were most proud of. Brokeback was kind of a 'chick flick' to him. Ergo, a lot of gay men would be proud of Phillip Seymour's win moreso than Brokeback taking best picture.

Ricko: My very gayest friend liked Brokeback.

It's still wierd when he gets 12 roses on valentines day from a dude and dances like a girl for 30 seconds. Just wierd I tell ya.

Keynes: I'm not even going to begin to touch that one, Ricko.

Not even to point out how weird of a scene it would be to see you hanging out with a gay dude on Valentine's Day. Nope, not I'm not even going to touch it. Nope, not going to point out how odd it is that you had time to make sure it was a dozen roses. Or the fact that you remained around for 30 seconds during this display.

No sir, I am not going anywhere near that statement.

Ricko: I told you it was wierd.

TMacsOneGoodEye: Reck doesn't have gay friends. At least none that he knows about.

The fact that he equated his gay friend to dancing around for 30 seconds like a homo proves it.

Most gay men don't do that. It's just the dumbasss stereotype your ignorant hillbilly redneck ass sees.

An average gay man hates a flaming homo the same way an average black man hates a thug nigga.

Ricko: Well maybe I shouldn't have promoted that gay man to head of my marketing department or offered Keys a look at a tech job this week.

I think it was Keys that lost his job. If you can help me win send a resume no need to put your race on it. Oh yeah! I shouldn't have hired that black bastard herb to run telemarketing. Damn, wake up! I thought I was hiring and promoting qualified hard workers.

My dad taught me right and he also told me not mix it up so much (he was a quiet man) but I didn't inherit that good sense. Probably my playground basketball background; I do wish I could grow up sometimes.

Come on over for a tour of my facilities and I'll put a sock in it for you.

KentATM: Rick just b/c a gay guy you know liked it doesnt mean all gay men do. thats like saying all women are suckers for REese Witherspoon movies.

Ricko: It takes a gay man to know that, you know.

KentATM: har har. rick will be here all week folks, try not to miss his cutting edge comedy act.

TMac: Git R Done, Reck! Git R done!


I scored this for Ricko. He was feeling feisty today.

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

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