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05/22/06 09:20 AM
Re: Post colonialism is never easy [re: Dara]  

Ah, thanks for the link Dara--in fact, I think Luke O'Farrell's own words provide the best way to respond to his arguments.

Take that lovely rant about black cultural contributions that Strawman was good enough to post. I think the best way to answer that would be to take another little rant about Jews, and simply perform a minute substitution:

To what degree is the undoubtedly disproportionate white influence in a nation's intellectual life the product of innate racial talents? Or is that influence merely the result of academic parasitism and mutual white promotion? Shorn of mutual back-slapping, hand-ups, Oscars and the like, ....what remains of white "genius"? Let it only be said that there is evidence to suggest that nothing remains at all except for a tenuous grasp of reality and a glib tongue.

I do have to say I dearly love his description of Christmas as "a beautiful White festival they (the Jews) could never had created for themselves."

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