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05/24/06 06:36 AM
Too right, it's not funny [re: Wraith2]  

How dare you take the moral high ground with me you jumped-up, Marxist twat! Communism, a foul ideology if ever there was one, has only been in existence for 80 odd years & is responsible for around 40 million deaths, & counting, already - but hey, the policies you aspire to are inoffensive right?

For the record I deplore any extremist organisations, but so long as there's a thing such as free speech, the very thing you lefties would dangerously condemn, they've just as much right to their views & opinions as you & I.

I imagine the illegal Mexican loves your type as you lay back to give him a blow-job before he goes on to do your mother up the arse & finishes by kicking each & everyone of your teeth down the back of your scrawny, white neck & leaving you for dead.

Yes, Wraith, that's exactly how you will be rewarded for your idealistic liberalism.

There has to be some kind of world order, and if it comes by way of conservativism and your rough summarisation of a conservative is one of being an irresponsible & humourless racist who should act his fucking age, then so be it.

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