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(crash course raver)
05/25/06 11:42 AM
Re: Everyone's nuts [re: Strawman]  


Oh and We weren't talking WHILE drinking. We had came to his freinds house to lay down on the floor w/a couple of clankets to sleep off the drinking. After spending a druken time in the local park behaving like morons. Which was rather fun.

I do have plans for the weekend with him, something to look foreward to. I have spent all week stuck at home with my dad and or mom, depending on whether she works, and I fear I will lose my mind. I get along with them but mom demands I be home a certain amount even though I am 21. I will finish college this year and even though I appreciate having a home, cannot wait to get out of this one filled with daily annoyances that tend to make me pissy.

Last weekend John * BF* had gotten a call from his freind and they were making plans for monday to get together for a few drinks and play a card game with freinds the next day. I said something like "Oh are you making plans?"
He said "yes..is that alright?"
I said of course it is, why wouldn't it be? and He had replied that some girls had problems with things like that. I think that is just strange...

I pretty much said that it is a silly load of shit to get angry when your BF wants to go out with his buddys now and again. Now, if it happens 99% of the time and he was hardly acknowledgeing me, THEN I would have a problem. It would be like him getting mad when I hung out with my freinds.

"I suppose if I were a lot older--like 40 or 50--I'd be a wonderful sugar daddy to some little queen down in Kensington. I'd have a houseboy named Richard to order around."DB, 1976

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