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05/26/06 05:07 PM
Re: Gentrification: flavor of the month [re: Wraith2]  

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Not everyone can laugh off the Klan or the Minutemen.

I understand that. I guess my point is that while my ongoing battle for universal understanding of basic human decency continues, I need to be able to laugh it off at the same time. Not everyone deals with ugliness in the same way. As I've said before, I'm relatively sure that I'm a good person. As such, I feel that I can find the things funny that I find funny without much concern for what it ultimately means. This might make some people uncomfortable but they can go to fuck themselves for all I care.

I hate to break it to everyone, but TW is probably the last place that I go if I'm looking for a serious discussion. Too many retards and losers to deal with. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I just sort of wish it never did.

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I don't get what you think is so funny about this. The concept of recognizing one's privilege as a member of a class, race, gender or species that has dominated an area doesn't have anything to do with undercutting the validity of your beliefs and opinions. I feel like you're conflating the concept of recognizing white privilege with embracing white liberal guilt, the former being a productive exercise in trying to understand the different place from which you're coming and the effect it has on other people, the latter being a pointless exercise in ascetic handwringing and democrat-voting.

I agree with you on this. I'm just fucking with Starlite with the white priveledge thing. I understand where she's coming from, to a point, but there comes a time where we either have to accept the fact that white heterosexual males aren't all imperialist sex offenders or just stop the bullshit and put us all in some island prison. To put it another way: I understand the history of it but let's please accept the truth that we still exist and this "sins of the father" bullshit is really unfair.

Oops, I overstepped. I'll be checking my PM box for Starlite's latest attempt to save my soul. [hold music]

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