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(fetch a priest)
07/19/06 03:14 PM
Scattered and Smothered [re: dice]  

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perfectly good, but made me wish i was hearing the originals!

Kinda an inherent problem with all cover albums, I guess, but hopefully with time they'll develop charms of their own. Anyway, I'm still gonna buy it.

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Look, I'm doing my part to not berate you at every turn as part of my great TW Comeback, so if you could kindly do your part (i.e. don't respond to my posts with obnoxious nonsense) I think we'll both be much happier.

Sweetheart, you'll find
mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.
Oh, the ruin will do in your talented mind,
Coulda been a genius if you'd had an axe to grind.

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