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08/10/06 04:57 PM

For those of you over the age of 23, wtfpwned is a hybrid of wtf (what the fuck?!) and pwned (owned). The former is an ejaculation brought about by complete lack of comprehension. The latter refers to a humiliating defeat in which the loser hadn't the slightest capability to defend hirself.

Par example:

Getting wtfpwned sucks. It's infuriating, bewildering and degrading. It also happens to most people on a fairly regular basis. For the average person, probably about once every two or three months. For someone like Persilot, every other week.

So the question follows: when was the last time this happened to you and how bad was it?

I just want to hold your pretty hand; the rest of you can be dissolved in acid

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*wtfpwn3d!!!!!  Wraith208/10/06 04:57 PM
.*Re: wtfpwn3d!!!!!  Persilot08/10/06 06:24 PM
.*Re: wtfpwn3d!!!!!  anisette08/10/06 06:32 PM
.*Re: wtfpwn3d!!!!!  Persilot08/10/06 06:34 PM
.*Re: wtfpwn3d!!!!!  GreatApe08/10/06 06:20 PM
.*fux1ng h4x0r@@@@@  ohramonaModerator08/10/06 05:01 PM
.*Re: fux1ng h4x0r@@@@@  anisette08/10/06 05:08 PM
.*ann13 r33d5 1337????  ohramonaModerator08/10/06 05:12 PM
.*Re: ann13 r33d5 1337????  anisette08/10/06 05:20 PM
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