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10/03/06 06:46 AM
Where do you buy your CD's?  

If cd's weren't so expensive in music stores I'd rather buy my music there, but as it is today with better prices online I have in the last few years mostly just bought over internet.

My top favourite online stores are;

1. www.cd-wow.com
They are mostly cheap and have free delivery and you can easily get hold of gift coupons of 2-3 Euro.
Ziggy Stardust: 9.99 (without coupons)
Outside: 15.54 (without coupons)

2. www.ginza.se
A swedish media store that has very good prices and a big range of records, but a minus is the cost for the shipping and the complicated payment.
Ziggy Stardust: cirka 10.60
Outside: n/a

3. www.amazon.com
Another good store, but mostly a bit more expensive, though they have good service and the shipping is free over 20 Euro.
Ziggy Stardust: 16.95
Outside: 14.95

4. www.zweitausendeins.de
A german store, that have a lot of good offers, but not a big range of records.
Ziggy Stardust: n/a
Outside: 3.99

Where do you buy yours? If not online, where then? Do you rather buy vinyl when possible? Or do you just download music to take advantage of the new media solutions (mp3 etc)?

When I'm not buying online I mostly go to JPC, Media Markt, Skivbutiken and Megastore.


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