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10/28/06 10:21 AM
Dogz: A History Of Niceness  

“my niceness is another quality others do not now how to handle.”

“i am above all the silliness of name calling.”

Dogz, 2006

With Dogz recently criticising “nasty/ill tempered members” for making “outrageous, poisonous posts,” indulging in “disgusting character assassination,” and not being able to “handle members [i.e. himself] being nice,” I think the time is right to look back at when the most nasty, ill-tempered, outrageously poisonous, character-assassinating and un-nice member around here was…Dogz himself.

See, for all those who have either forgotten, or weren’t around when he first joined up, the nascent Dogz was spewing hate and stirring up shit at every possible opportunity, in a greater capacity than any TWer before or since. Before he had Pablo and an army of uninformed newbies to slavishly support him (and the mods bending over backwards not to ban him), Dogz had no need to relax into the persona of a creepy, dense, fawning old queen. Nope. At this early stage of the game, Dogz carpet-bombed this “moronic site” (his words) with as much hatred and insanity and racist rhetoric as his fevered brain could whip up and his pet-abusing fingers could type up. Before Effee, before interminable waffle about Partner David and asexuality, before all those godawful holiday pictures, before he amassed his coterie of moron disciples, before all the debates on banning and post-restrictions, this was Phase One of Dogz’s attempt to destroy this website.

I guess this is what Persilot’s The collected ramblings of DD74 thread was supposed to be, before it got torpedoed. So, without further ado (’cause this post ain’t short), and for the education of the pro-Dogz brigade (who think the rest of us are unjustifiably mean to him), here’s

Consider this an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, brain-slopping trip down memory lane…

Part 1: The Wisdom of Dogz

"this site is full of moronic Americans who do nothing but critisize Mr Bowie,i think its because he's English and Americans are very envious of us British,they have NO history( to speak of)their everyday lives are crap and run by commercials from the cradle to the grave,they moan at everything the GREAT BOWIE does"

"all we get most of the time is THICK Americans moaning about everything Bowie does( huh)and then we have the Auzzies!!! indeed what a BUNCH of thick,idiotic RED-NECKS they are,considering their ancenstors were all crooks/murderers and villans,they hav'nt caught on much have they?,still we suffer them,poor deluded souls that they are..."

"Well firstly let me inform you i am male,im 50% English and 50% German,i have NO! problem with my identity,unlike those poor deluded Aussies( look at their back-ground,it speaks for itself really!)"

"AT LAST!!!! something woth adding to on this moronic site..."

"Apart from this thread being very SYCOPHANTIC!!!,its now beginning to REEK of NEPOTISM,is'nt it time this thread was stopped,i really do not think that many of us are interested in someones 31st Birthday,this is turning into a thread for a 4 years old birthday,take down the cards and pack it in,theres a good boy ok?..." (and to think of how many birthday threads Dogz himself would contribute to subsequently…)

"What a bunch of CRAP!!! these pics are,for goodness sake grow up,do you have anything else to do in OZ?,it makes me wonder your mentality???" (Dogz telling someone else to “grow up” because of the pictures they post? Dogz despairing at someone else’s mentality?? Oh, the irony…)

“Why do you care what people think of you? I've always done as I please and shall continue to do so, I have a stubborn streak and that's that.”

Part 2: The Iraq War & Dogz

“im i,ve of the mind of simply wiping the entire middle east out,its a shithole on the world and has always been trouble,religion has long since been dismissed as the reasons for their EVIL ways,i say nuke the LOT of them and begone trash of society,i would have no second thoughts at all about wiping them off the face of the earth,wrong is wrong and evil is evil and ANYONE who wants to appease that evil part of the world should go and live there themselves,then we can wipe them out also,the songs goes 'We are the Supermen'so we must do our duty and rid the world of this worthless trash,im fed up with the GUTLESS wonders of this world and their pathetic lets talk things through routein(which has been flouted and done to death),long live Tony Blair and George Bush for having the guts to rid this world of EVIL...
The european cannon is here and loaded”

“Those women (pathetic creatures that they are)are nothing more than breeding machines to produce future terrorists,so cut the pathetic whinging CRAP about women and children,the evil that destroyed the twin towers and all those innocent people,were infact once children,LOOK where that lead them???,you are an IDIOT...”

“Well some interesting paralles there,pity you talk out of your backside is,nt it?,i myself are of German origin,half German,half English,NOT British ENGLISH,do not even contemplate comparing my race with that of Iraq,you alone should know the trouble that has stemmed from the middle east,calling one part Iraq and the other something else,its all the ruddy same,its the shithole of the world and therefore we should rid the world of it and i mean rid for good.
You whinging simpering appeasers make me vomit,talk,talk,talk is all you want,talking is through,its time to act,act swifty and now,begone this horrible part of our beautiful earth,comparing the odd American who bombs buildings is a whingers charter,you should be ashamed of yourself,thank goodness those in charge of the worlds current affairs think differently to you wimp...”

“You have the audacity to call my heritage those awful names,my heritage is pure and true,i have the blood and nerve of a true German and the manners of the English,i therefore am of perfect breeding,i will and need not be told of my heritage,whats yours?basterized American???,i am tall and blonde and true,i have NO basterized yankie blood in me,im far superior in so many ways to you,im not wasting anymore time on the likes of you dear boy,now trot off and watch the television and do as you and your race are told to do everyday by plastic people on plastic programes...”

Part 3: Conversing with Dogz

Sound + Vision re-release…
Dogz (as PinupS10): When i think of you,one word comes to mind?and that word is>>>>>>"MISERABLE",call yourself a Bowie fan?,you are a cynical OLD hack...
London Bye Ta-Ta...
RabbitFighter: Aww, you´re flattering me, that was a very poignant observation from you. I guess that being a Bowie fan means that you´re willing to buy the same songs over and over again just so you could get a few rare tracks (which aren´t even that rare in first place) to include in your collection. I´m not willing to do that so I guess that means i´m not really a fan. Oh and for the last time: Register or get the fuck out of here you anonymous prick! You´re wasting Altoid´s space!
Dogz (as PinupS10): When Awwwwwwwwww how lovely of you,you do make me laff LOL LOL LOL,a point for you OLDER hacks,has it not ever crossed your mind that there are new people coming along all the time and will enjoy these re-releases very much?,or are you so wrapped up in your senile world?...
London Bye Ta-Ta...
RabbitFighter: You certainly got me there! I really am the oldest hag that posts on this board! By the way, I haven´t got the original Sound & Vision boxset myself. I just have the amazing ability to spot a worthless release when I see one.
Dogz (as anon): When Well i think PinupS10 has a point,there are many new users coming along,it would smug and complacent to think that your view reflects the younger set and the people who do not own certain Bowie sets to to difficulties in obtaining these wonderful re-releases:-)
London Bye Ta-Ta...
dukewhite: mr Anon...we can see that you are in fact the same person as PinupS10. Both of you have the id "79d7096e6c0e" it is tacky to agree with yourself. makes your point look less valid. Just somethign to keep in mind in the future.
JarethsGirl: P.S. No one needed to look at your anon number - you gave yourself away by using the same unique and clever "signature."

Bowie fans’ sexuality...
Dogz: I am amazed that this day and age!that it even matters???,just how dated are you?,you are obvioulsy VERY homophobic,im sick and tired of people thinking that Bowies fans are NAFF and HETRO,go forth and muliply please.
We've just had a BIG release in the Bowie world of an album called Reality!!!,listen to it ok?,PAY attention to a couple of lines written for YOU,
Good Mr Bowie has YOU sussed LOL LOL,ha ha ha ,he he he,im the laughing gnome and you can;t catch me:-)
SugarPlumFairy: You. Are. Such a retard.

Which David Bowie Are You?
(an internet meme-thing in which Dogz didn't quite understand he was supposed to go to the site, answer the questions and see which one he got…and you gotta wonder about a guy who makes 14,000 posts and yet calls the rest of us “TIME WASTERS”)

Dogz: Which persona of Bowie do we think ourselves as?,well in most cases i would have thought it pretty obvious by our logon names,although it does'nt always follow thru with some of the deranged CRANKS/TIME WASTERS on here.
So with the name of diamondogz74,i consider myself to be that Bowie in every sense,cold/calculating and NOT to be messed with,so any of you tossers out there with so called witty replies...you are simply wasting your time,i know i am BETTER than YOU...
BaldAssassin: Hmm...maybe you could learn to use a capital 'i' when referring to yourself, and learn the use of proper punctuation. Then I might take your claim more seriously.

But probably not.

Young Man at Odds With the Bible
(a thread in which most people shared certain views about religion, and then Dogz came along to give his insight to sonofsilence)

Dogz: Good!day cretin...
I am sick and tired of your stupid questions,your so called web site is crass and VERY! boring,you consider yourself a clever person(?),whilst in fact you are very ignorant,i've seen you on here sooooooooooo many times *YAWN*,i think its time you moved over and let me take your place,you ideas are stale,you are dated and lets face it!just plain,move over Mr 20th Century...

What nationality are YOU?
(it was a nice thread, until you-know-who came along to share his unique views)
Dogz: My father was German,my mother is English,i would say that mkes me better than your PIG ignorant Amricans any day,i really pity Americans,they are the saddest modern race alive.
Dan Dare: And just what race are you speaking of? Talk about PIG ignorant... see if you can find a dictionary... start with your ass and work up through your insides.
SugarPlumFairy: This Diamonddogz person is just the saddest alter ego on earth, nothing more. And even in the very unlikely situation that someone is actually retarded enough to really be this person, I vote for instant banning and beheading. (if only someone had taken note, we would have avoided years of pain...but no, nobody did)

Bad review of Bowie's show in a German newspaper
(well, if one thing remains true, it's Dogz's belief in his own intelligence, even when he gets almost every single thing he says wrong…and the very definition of “hypocrisy” is Dogz demanding that someone else correct their spelling)

Dogz: Hi,I totally agree with you on your reasoning of certain journalists,but you are a tad hypercritical my dear,YOU were on here last week slagging off Mr Bowie,YES we do have memories tut!tut!,i am 50% German and i assure you Mr Bowie is LOved and adored in Germany ,one shitty jealous OLD critic does not a tour write...
Incidently,i also seem to remember you were told that your spelling of the word" Qualudes was wrong"why have you not corrected this?,it makes you look stupid,ok i know you said thats the way its spelt on your CD,but none the less its wrong,incidently do you know what Qualudes are???or rather were?...
NewKillerStar: Check out the Aladdin Sane sleeve for the double A spelling of the word. Does it bother you that much? There`s nothing worse than people who try to seem more intellectual than they actually are. QUAAAAAAALUDES.
Dan Dare: This from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000: The trademark Quaalude for the sedative and hypnotic agent methaqualone is an example of how a product name is carefully chosen for a positive public response. Methaqualone was developed in the 1960s by William H. Rorer, Inc. At that time, the company's best-known product was Maalox, a digestive aid that derived its name from its ingredients, magnesium and aluminum hydroxides. To enhance the product recognition of their new sedative drug, the company incorporated the aa of Maalox into the name Quaalude. The other elements of the name are presumed to be a contraction of the phrase quiet interlude, a soothing, even poetic description of the drug's effect.

diamondogz74, you really need to stop embarrasing yourself like this...

A fight with Arlequino
(naturally, there were millions of these back in the day, but this is worth revisiting, with Dogz’s classic defence of his atrocious spelling especially ironic in light of the Quaaludes thing):

Dogz: Hi there,OK so my spelling did,nt past your excellant grammar test!,sooooooo wot!,you are obvioulsy a person who pussyfoots about in life and has nothing better to do than correct spelling like some silly old forgotten teacher we all had,GET A LIFE!,the issue here is what he wrote and NOT my spelling,as for there being NO proverbial WASTE OF SKIN in your eyes,then it just goes to prove you are NO better than the person who wrote the vile and rotten words you seem to be semi-associating yourself with,grow up and have a go at him,you useless NO hoper!!!
Be gone with you,in the trashcan of life where you belong...
Dogz (to Arlequino): YOU have become a blot on the Beautiful suffolk coastal resort of Southwold,a place i spend many days relaxing and also visiting Wibblewswick,i shall in future remind myself of what a pompous idiot lives there and what a disgrace you are.

Australian Tickets Selling at Lightening Speed
(by now Dogz is posting to every thread and generally making an ass of himself. Here's an example)

Adam: Within 3 hours of the public sale, Bowie has almost sold out a 13,000 seat arena in both Sydney and Melbourne (only back rows remaining). A second (previously unannounced) Sydney show is now selling even though we are only half way through the first day of sales. So despite the high ticket prices (some of the most expensive he has ever charged), Australians are paying to see their Bowie - thus proving he is still one of the biggest concert draw cards in this country.....or simply that demand is that big after 17 years without touring. In an exclusive interview on the Australian TODAY show this morning, Bowie admitted to the 17 year absence and joked that he may not be back for another 17. But let's hope these superior ticket sales encourage him otherwise.
Dogz: I actually think you are a poor deluded soul,what makes you think that people are interested in hearing about Oz all the ruddy time?,you prattle on and on and on about Oz. As for thinking you have the intution that Bowies Oz dates are to be a hi-light?,forget it digger,theres one one Hi-Light on this tour,that being when he returns to his homeland of London,you do not stand a snow flakes chance in hell of EVER!! topping that... Can you hear that noise when Adam posts?,its the sound of the concrete scraping under the bottom of the barrel,go to bed Adam,you're dated...
SoulLoveChild: "As for thinking you have the intution that Bowies Oz dates are to be a hi-light?" Read the thread properly, buster. Adam never said that. (whereupon “garyw” made half a dozen confused Dogz-like replies as if SLC was talking to him. I don't know if garyw was a Dogz alter-ego, but it seems that way - especially with the style. In any case, it’s amazing that Adam didn’t ban Dogz’s ass for his behaviour on this thread alone)

Diamond Dogs 30th Anniversary
Dogz: IF!!!!! i was as cynical as you, I simply would'nt bother being on here,as for your silly childish list of bonus/extra tracks???,what are you doing on here?,you obvioulsy are not a fan?,all you ever do is critize and complain,you are one OLD WOMAN..."
russellmael: twat.

On the nationality of the newly-appointed moderators
(once again, the vitriolic Dogz drops in to sound off his baffling hatred of Adam – in Dogz’s eyes, guilty of the heinous crime of being Australian)

Dogz: Great Britain really doe's not need to be represented here,after all WE know we are better than these twits,WHO? in their right mind listens or reads to anything that Auzzie pratt Adam writes or says?,ever noticed that strange sound when Adam is posting?... that noise you can hear is the scraping of the concrete under the bottom of the barrel,so much for his knowledge of Mr Bowie...(what, again with the barrel remark?)

Part 4: Conclusion


Of course these days, Dogz acts like he’s the persecuted one (more than a tad hypocritical considering how he enjoyed abusing people for merely having opinions different to his own). But now that he keeps harping on about how “nice” he is (and that we’re all supposedly “jealous” of his niceness), I have to ask: is Dogz really so nice, or is he just trying to play us all for chumps with short memories? Did he perhaps undergo a radical personality change after he was banned the first time (given his bizarre mental state, it’s a distinct possibility)? Or could it be that he’s just an alter ego (even after all these years, it’s not impossible)? Read those posts and you’d think that there’s no way a grown man wrote that nonsense. It's a twisted kid who is obviously sick in the head. And why would an ostensibly middle-aged flab-bucket like Dogz complain about older users and older Bowie fans and their senile world? Like he’s a teenager. He even gave RabbitFighter a serve for being OLD. Something is so very wrong here.

The JFK assassination, the identity of Jack The Ripper, the historicity of Jesus Christ – forget it. The biggest mystery of the ages is why Dogz (whoever he is) was never banned into permanent oblivion all those years ago.

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