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11/15/06 08:31 AM
Re: I care far too much about this topic [re: WildWind]  

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In fact, if you asked me to pick the coolest band right now that I would classify as metal, I'd pick Evanescence. Would you classify them as metal?

I think Evanescence could pass as metal - some kind of emotional, girlie metal. A lot of things pass as mainstream metal these days. The essence of True Metal can and will be debated until the end of the world.

For my money metal is more or less about fuck-the-world-nihilism, not giving a shit and of course above all groovy gutbusting heavy guitar.

I can't think of a really good definition.

Anyway, rock and metal genres are quite bendy around their edges. Especially on media like MTV and such. I guess it comes down to the individual rocker to yell "Fuck no!" every now and then.

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How is In Flames' live set? Their last album was sellout city but they have been known to bring it in the face in years past.

I don't know their catalogue enough to be able to tell if they we're selling it out or not, but they certainly made me do some serious moshing. And since they were loud as hell I might have some serious internal bleeding.

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