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12/25/06 04:41 PM
Re: Roll Call [re: schizophrenic]  

I have to shamefacedly admit to not being around much recently, I've been too busy going around getting pissed.

When you've racked up so much time on an internet message board why hide the truth anymore? Persilots Myspace.

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.*Smells familiar . . .   ohramonaModerator06/01/12 10:33 PM
.*Re: Smells familiar . . .   kingsteved06/02/12 08:19 PM
.*Re: Smells familiar . . .   infidel06/05/12 11:41 AM
.*It is so  EJ06/08/12 10:25 AM
.*Re: It is so  WildWind06/09/12 02:04 AM
.*Re: It is so  strangeDivine07/25/12 04:03 AM
.*Good show, sir  Remade/Remodeled01/06/07 07:20 PM
.*Re: Present.  Forgotten_Boy01/06/07 08:40 PM
.*He ain't called SOUL man for nuthin'  FredPhelps01/05/07 03:48 PM
.*Re: He ain't called SOUL man for nuthin'  KModerator01/05/07 03:53 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  poopicraft01/01/07 11:34 PM
.*At least it gave us something to talk about  WildWind12/28/06 03:44 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  schizophrenic12/27/06 09:12 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Bandit12/26/06 07:44 PM
..Re: Roll Call  Persilot12/25/06 04:41 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  infidel12/25/06 01:25 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  forgetthatim5012/25/06 01:04 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Stainless_One12/25/06 02:04 PM
.*At least one of us is a virgin  FredPhelps12/25/06 12:08 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  th0mas12/25/06 11:28 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  Monkeyboy12/24/06 10:30 PM
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.*Re: Roll Call  carsten06/22/12 03:49 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Monkeyboy07/02/12 07:06 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  carsten07/26/12 04:56 PM
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.*tumbleweed connection  Auntie Prism07/03/12 06:30 PM
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.*(Shabooyah) Roll Call  Marquis01/01/07 09:51 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  kingsteved12/25/06 10:05 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  Coan_teen12/24/06 09:42 PM
.*Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me??  Remade/Remodeled12/24/06 08:40 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Mxy12/24/06 05:00 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Bamboo712/24/06 04:47 PM
.*Re: Role Call  ghostlove12/24/06 04:30 PM
.*Re: Role Call  KModerator12/24/06 04:24 PM
.*It was Christmas Eve babe in the drunk tank...  RabbitFighter12/24/06 04:21 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Stainless_One12/24/06 03:38 PM
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