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12/28/06 03:44 PM
At least it gave us something to talk about [re: schizophrenic]  

I've been away, but am back now. I look forward to going through all the boxing threads.

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*Roll Call  schizophrenic12/24/06 02:55 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Spunkrat06/21/12 11:26 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Strawman07/27/12 12:54 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Quills07/27/12 03:03 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  theidiot208/02/12 03:43 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Lizz06/12/12 02:10 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  CloverThePoet06/17/12 11:01 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Quills06/18/12 09:24 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  globule206/18/12 06:56 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Dan Dare01/09/07 12:56 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  infidel04/28/12 01:19 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Kerbwarrior01/07/07 06:21 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  mudley01/07/07 07:43 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  ThinWhiteDuke8701/06/07 11:40 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  JamesLenin01/04/07 10:54 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  KModerator01/05/07 03:39 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  JamesLenin01/05/07 09:54 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Fatherless_Scum01/06/07 06:44 PM
.*Smells familiar . . .   ohramonaModerator06/01/12 10:33 PM
.*Re: Smells familiar . . .   kingsteved06/02/12 08:19 PM
.*Re: Smells familiar . . .   infidel06/05/12 11:41 AM
.*It is so  EJ06/08/12 10:25 AM
.*Re: It is so  WildWind06/09/12 02:04 AM
.*Re: It is so  strangeDivine07/25/12 04:03 AM
.*Good show, sir  Remade/Remodeled01/06/07 07:20 PM
.*Re: Present.  Forgotten_Boy01/06/07 08:40 PM
.*He ain't called SOUL man for nuthin'  FredPhelps01/05/07 03:48 PM
.*Re: He ain't called SOUL man for nuthin'  KModerator01/05/07 03:53 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  poopicraft01/01/07 11:34 PM
..At least it gave us something to talk about  WildWind12/28/06 03:44 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  schizophrenic12/27/06 09:12 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Bandit12/26/06 07:44 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Persilot12/25/06 04:41 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  infidel12/25/06 01:25 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  forgetthatim5012/25/06 01:04 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Stainless_One12/25/06 02:04 PM
.*At least one of us is a virgin  FredPhelps12/25/06 12:08 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  th0mas12/25/06 11:28 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  Monkeyboy12/24/06 10:30 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  carsten06/19/12 02:29 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  infidel06/21/12 02:12 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  carsten06/22/12 03:49 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Monkeyboy07/02/12 07:06 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  carsten07/26/12 04:56 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  infidel07/03/12 02:06 PM
.*tumbleweed connection  Auntie Prism07/03/12 06:30 PM
.*Re: tumbleweed connection  Quills07/04/12 09:09 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  sTeVieC1512/25/06 00:55 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  Monkeyboy12/27/06 09:44 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Froggy Starlust12/28/06 05:50 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  Vanessa_Y12/30/06 04:17 PM
.*(Shabooyah) Roll Call  Marquis01/01/07 09:51 PM
.*Re: Roll Call  kingsteved12/25/06 10:05 AM
.*Re: Roll Call  Coan_teen12/24/06 09:42 PM
.*Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me??  Remade/Remodeled12/24/06 08:40 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Mxy12/24/06 05:00 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Bamboo712/24/06 04:47 PM
.*Re: Role Call  ghostlove12/24/06 04:30 PM
.*Re: Role Call  KModerator12/24/06 04:24 PM
.*It was Christmas Eve babe in the drunk tank...  RabbitFighter12/24/06 04:21 PM
.*Re: Role Call  Stainless_One12/24/06 03:38 PM
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