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02/03/07 10:00 PM

Has any of you ever been depressed or have you known anyone who has been? And how did you ( or they ) get over it? Or did you ( they )?

Maybe it's just normal for some or all of us to sometimes feel like worthless pieces of shit for no reason. Or maybe there's just something wrong with the times we're living in.

How do you get help when you know you need it but are not able to ask?

And to tie a music discussion to this:
certainly there are some songs that help get people by at these times. At some unfortunate times I find myself listening repeatedly to Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia, Peter Gabriel's and Kate Bush's Don't Give Up, and when I'm running around punching on walls I listen to Guns'n'Roses Ain't it Fun ( which tends to make things somewhat worse ).

What are your survival songs?

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