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02/07/07 00:56 AM
who you callin' meathead? [re: WildWind]  

In reply to:

Well, I was going to say "nobody but Monkeyboy understands the complexities of this issue,"

I'm curious: Upon what do you base your surmise that Monkeyboy understands these complexities, WildWind? I've never heard him break down at any length what he is doing. We got a few thoughts from him on this thread, but I think he may have felt agitated and thus didn't speak as dispassionately as he might otherwise have.

I tend to believe you are letting your personal fondness for the monkey cloud your judgement.

One problem I have with this line of humor is that he runs it from his primary user account. If this stuff came from an obvious "character" - an alter ego - then I think the audience would be more willing to focus on the whole and what the speech says about the speaker. You brought up Archie Bunker as an example of the successful employement of racist humor. But the way I see it, there was no racist humor in All in the Family. That was a show about a racist, who himself was the subject of the audience's laughter everytime he spoke. What Archie says is funny because he is ignorant and does not realize it. But would those lines be funny if delivered by Bob Newhart in his 70s show? I think you see my point. Monkeyboy is on thin ice delivering his stuff right from the mothership, cos he doesn't otherwise present himself as an ignorant, pitiful fool.

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

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