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03/19/07 12:09 PM
Re: Global Warming [re: Quentin]  

Oh dear, you have got it bad. No doubt you'll soon have the pointless wind turbines whizzing on your roof and solar panels which cost far more than they could ever save.

Oil is a diminishing resource, so it should be preserved where possible, but not at cost to civilisation and human progress.

There is far too much emphasis on the myth that human activity has caused Global Warming - no-one is denying that it's happening, but it's a natural cycle going back millenia. Back in the Stone-Age this country had a much warmer climate, but by the arrival of the Bronze-Age it had cooled considerably and exposed human settlements were abandoned. Various stages followed where the Romans had grape vines as far north as Yorkshire and the medieval period was even warmer - followed by the mini ice-age of the 15th to 18th-ish century where the Thames regularly froze over. I could go on but I won't.....

It's pure populist knee jerk based on a principle that seeks to prevent global development (Africa/Asia/South America) in favour of the developed West. Lots of jobs depend on the environmental gravy train now, so it ain't gonna listen to proper science any time soon which strongly contradicts the myth. Strange how China and India are being strongly criticised for industrial development at this time eh? While the oceans alone naturally produce trillions of litres of carbondioxide naturally, not to mention other life on Earth besides humans.

I understand fully what is happening, but as with most things, I have a mind and eyes of my own and never follow the trend for the sake of it. The world is quite safe and while certain parts may well become uninhabitable in the short term the cycle will revolve as it always has in the past. Al Gore has based his commercial "movie" on popular environmental fiction using models badly flawed for sensationalist purposes and it has worked.

Right! I'm just off to pick up some coal in my Hummer to burn off my old sewage solids.

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