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03/19/07 12:19 PM
Re: Global Warming [re: Quentin]  

Outside of the microcosm of educational establishments you will find that life experience is the best university of all. A place where you can form your own opinion of events rather than those preached at you by lecturers with an agenda of their own - and an eye to league tables of pass rates. School taught me very little - mistakes however taught me everything I know. Maybe you will come to agree with me one day.

Very patronising aside regarding the television documentary mentioned and as I was elsewhere at the time, but no, it has not influenced my thinking one jot. Environmental issues are the latest craze and a gravy train for universities and companies to jump on. The world is perfectly safe without smart arses peddling more and more gloom about the future to protect their own interests - and as for Googling, I'll leave that to those who need to rely on another person's opinion rather than their own.

Once again, Carbon neutral my hairy arse - it's all just another con to fool the masses, and fool it, it has!


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