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08/18/07 06:46 AM
What's your primary source of new music?  

The web offers ever new ways of hearing music and finding stuff you haven't heard before. Me, I used to be a Pandora junkie until the site blocked my country and I haven't gotten around to creating a fake US address (which I think is what it takes).
Besides, I almost felt that I had exhausted Pandora -- typically you would get a few dozens of songs played over and over in a channel. Nevertheless, it let me discover some great new artists.
So right now I discovered the music player on Facebook. Just check in the most recently added songs every day and click on everything that tickles your interest - so far, I had a great time doing that. Only, you typically end up with the bands and songs you already knew. And there is lots of Timbaland and Nickelback to skip by.
My latest favourite song is "Blood to bleed" by Rise Against (makes me feel like 20 again... I know ), which I discovered on Facebook courtesy of someone who mislabeled it as Rage against the Machine.
...and of course, for actually getting new albums -- ahead of release date -- there is soulseek.

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

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