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(stardust savant)
12/19/08 01:57 PM
Hot Releases for 2009 [re: ]  

will adam's 2009 bowie prophesy come true?

in the meantime we've got the animal collective and andrew bird in january, neko case and possibly u2 in march, wilco sometime in the spring, and at some point, new sonic youth, tori amos, and the flaming lips.

there's bourbon on the breath of the singer you love so much
he takes all his words from the books that you don't read anyway

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.*How can bands so good fall so far?  Adam02/28/09 09:32 AM
.*I don't know Adam, but the world witnessed this 1  SoulLoveChild02/28/09 05:26 PM
.*Bat For Lashes  Adam03/02/09 07:43 AM
.*Re: Bat For Lashes  looking glass03/02/09 03:20 PM
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.*Live, Number Four  EJ12/07/09 01:26 PM
.*No, not live  EJ12/07/09 01:45 PM
.*It's Me Again  EJ12/10/09 12:14 PM
.*There's Always Room on the Broom  Marquis12/10/09 05:34 PM
.*Live With Kurt  EJ11/13/09 11:10 AM
.*Flashmob  Marquis11/13/09 05:27 PM
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.*Re: Into the Hollow pt. 2  Diamond Frog01/26/09 06:01 PM
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.*Re: Into the Hollow pt. 2  JarethsGirl01/27/09 04:45 PM
.*Re: Into the Hollow pt. 2  schizophrenic01/28/09 02:02 PM
.*MELTDOWN 2009  SoulLoveChild01/28/09 10:53 PM
.*Re: MELTDOWN 2009  schizophrenic01/29/09 00:49 AM
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.*Re: Into the Hollow pt. 2  Diamond Frog01/26/09 07:08 PM
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.*Re: Hot Releases for 2009  Diamond Frog12/19/08 04:04 PM
.*Re: Hot Releases for 2009  Diamond_Dave12/23/08 01:43 PM
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